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Restart and reconnect. After you’ve powered off you have a clean slate to start over and reconnect with not only people, but with the things you love. Reconnection can be with yourself, loved ones, nature and/or passions.


When you reconnect with yourself, you’re leaving behind feelings that no longer serve your purpose. This is a new opportunity to fall in love with who you are, possibly again. First and foremost, when you trust who you are and what you’re capable of you’ll gain more confidence and soar to new heights. This is a wonderful time to celebrate all you are and what drives your power and passion toward all that is good. When you reconnect with your true self you may recall a passion or dream you’ve always aspired to accomplish. Now is your time to be who you need to be.


Reconnecting with nature is also a wonderful way to appreciate all that Mother Nature has given us. This may also be the way you reconnect with yourself. This may be the first thing you do in your reconnection process. Often by reconnecting with nature we are able to reconnect with our true self. There’s something rejuvenating by spending time in nature. Find that place that surges your adrenaline and gives you energy to soar. Is it the forest, the trees or a babbling brook? Perhaps it’s on a mountain peak or in the middle of the ocean. Where ever your happy place is, find it. Breath in the air. Be one with nature. Listen to your surroundings. Meditate. Listen to the messages that come to you. Be there with every ounce of energy you have.


Reconnect with those who were on your life journey. Some people come and go in your life, but there may be that one person who made a difference in your life. They were there for you during pivotal moments that changed your life forever. When you’re connected to others it can help you gain resilience towards any of life challenges. Reconnection with those you love – family, friends or even pets and/or animals – will help you process negative emotions. A reconnection with someone who understands you, whole-heartedly, can help you become the person you were meant to be. A rewarding relationship with those that mean the most to you is vital towards your goal of being the best you, you know how.


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