Calgary Reptile Party Summer Camp

by Christina Rowsell

My eight-year-old son has been asking me since he was four if he could get a pet lizard. Naturally, my answer was always, "No." Now I grew up with brothers and they always tried to scare me with snakes, lizards, frogs and worms. I never really had an issue with the lizard or the frogs or the worms for that matter, but ugh, I still struggle with the snakes. Not that I hate them - as I squint my nose up- I'm just not a fan of touching them.

Frogs were my favourite. Growing up in the West Kootenay's we had a ton of tadpoles. And I actually liked watching them evolve. But I still didn't want one as a pet. To be honest, I prefer fur and four legs. I had dogs growing up and plenty of cats. But to have a reptile as a pet wasn't really my favourite.

As for my son, he's always loved dinosaurs, lizards and snakes. So for his 6th birthday I researched Calgary Reptile Parties. I was told about them with glowing reviews from my friend Ellen from Calgary's Child Magazine. Jason Clevett with Reptile Parties Inc., has been teaching people about the proper care and maintenance of reptile education for 10 years. With birthday parties, events, school talks and summer camps I knew I found the right place for my reptile loving son.

What I loveed was the passion of owner Jason Clevett. Since he was a kid, just like my own son, Clevett has had a passion for reptiles an amphibians. He's also volunteered as an assistant gorilla keeper at the Calgary Zoo, traveled to different zoos, nature centres and aquariums to learn more from others in the field. He was also a board member and executive member of The Alberta Reptile and Amphibian Society from 2007-2013, including President in 2010.

My son will be back again for the summer camp. So much fun for these kids that are structured to appeal to different age groups. The kids meet up close cold-blooded animals like bearded dragons, amazing frilled dragons, colourful geckos, snakes, tarantulas and scorpions. They may even come face-to-face with an 8ft surinam red-tailed boa constrictor! Perfect for my reptile son to get his reptile fix! (PS - the reptiles go home with Jason - but he does leave the parent with information on how to care for your own reptile pets.)

I had the chance to interview Jason about his summer camps. You can listen to his interview HERE.
To learn more visit www.calgaryreptileparties.com, www.edmontonreptileparties.com and www.canadianreptileencounters.com.

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