Discover The Power of Story with Christina Rowsell

by Christina Rowsell

Deep down inside we all have a story to tell. Sometimes it takes some digging and soul searching to peel back the layers to find out what that story really is. I've been on a quest to share some powerful stories from people who have shared their stories and to prove that the Power Of Story can move forward in business and in life.

Lisa Longball Vlooswykhttps://youtu.be/uPBLDAy8KoA

Besides having a ridiculous drive in her golf game, Lisa Longball Vlooyswk has an amazing drive to motivate people. She has an infectious personality that leaves you wanting more - which is why she's so good at her talk Drive Determines Distance. I connected with Lisa at Golf Canada Centre to talk about her DRIVE to motivate and The Power of Story.

Tammy Johnston - The Financial Guideshttps://youtu.be/Pg2m8W9f93M

Tammy Johnston is so much more than just a financial advisor. She is literally a cheerleader in my back pocket. Tammy has been encouraging me FOREVER to share my story and here I am sharing hers. (It's what I do!) Tammy is the author of The Financial Foundation set of books for kids. It's a series of books to teach kids about money, goal setting and living a balanced life! YES finally. I met up with Tammy to talk about The Power of Story.

It's true, people want the real, true, authentic you! And here's an amazing woman who also tells a GREAT story! Tina Varughese​ from TWorks​ (and President CAPS Calgary) talks to me about finding that story and coming together as a community to motivate each other. 

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Christina Rowsell

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