Artistic Expression of Inner Strength, Hope and Courage with Uli Ostermann

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"Meaning"© Uli Ostermann 39" x 39" Acrylic on Canvas
If art is meant to represent the essence of emotion and express what lies in the depths of an artist’s soul, then Uli Ostermann’s work is the epitome of that definition. 

The artist’s minimalist approach to her work reflects the purity and simplicity of her values. Focusing on developing a language that consists of symbols and colours to convey her powerful messages, Ostermann’s work speaks of the importance of such themes as discovering our individuality and creativity, finding inner strength, self-belief, hope and courage.

“Believing in yourself...knowing what you can do, who you are, getting back to self-respect...a lot of people don’t learn that any more,” says Ostermann with obvious concern for the human condition. 

A perfect example of her art conveying a connected and spiritual message is in a piece entitled, “The One You Feed.” Based on the well-known parable of the two wolves that live inside each of us, Ostermann’s painting depicts a wolf in a semi-circle (representing a bowl). “The bowl is a symbol for an open soul, just to let things come to you, just to learn, not to lose hope...believe in yourself, have courage, let go and be open for something new.”

"The One You Feed"by Uli Ostermann 96" x 48" Acrylic on Canvas
Immigrating from Germany in 1997 with three children, Ostermann has had occasion to experience and interpret through art the many changes and adaptations required to successfully adjust to life in a new country.

“It was an interesting journey,” she remarks. “You have to have an open mind to emigrate; you have to have flexibility to deal with circumstances, think out of the box...You have to find a balance to adjust and still be yourself...You make new friends, your thinking changes in a new country and you lose old friends; they don’t understand you any more.”

Of the many inspiring messages in Ostermann’s work, one of the most common themes is that of change. “Dealing with changes, that’s certainly in my paintings,” she acknowledges. “Life is always in constant change, being in the flow, developing...” 

Ostermann is deliberate in her use of specific shapes and colours. For example, she uses loops to represent social interactions, such as the intensity of relationships in crowds. “Grey is a problem zone,” she explains, adding that she uses “...special colours like orange or black [to] transport emotion.” 

With compassion and empathy for humanity being central to her life, Ostermann’s paintings reflect the challenges we face in navigating our complex world. And more importantly, the powerful yet simple values to which we must return if we are to find true connection - or reconnection - to ourselves and others. 

Featuring Uli Ostermann, Solo Exhibition runs July 7 to 28 at Michelangelo Gallery of Fine Art 908, 17 Avenue S.W. “Ostermann says, “You will not find one typical style in my paintings – although you can recognize my ” handwriting” – but there is one typical theme in them and that is mainly the individual. I believe in the therapeutic power of colours. I’m also interested in the concept of an art work as well as being spontaneous while painting, but always trying to pursue a rather minimalist style.”

About Uli Ostermann

© Uli Ostermann
Her art was once called a mixture of meditation, poetry and a kind of examination of psychological processes. It is the belief in the therapeutic power of colours that fascinates her, using this medium and combining abstract painting with symbolism. If it is not about pure abstraction, then it is predominantly about inner psychological processes and changes of an individual in social systems. In this case she often uses loops standing for relationships, for connections of all kinds or for networking, and especially as a symbol for the density of social interactions. The latter, she calls the space of not knowing everything – in which misunderstandings lead to mistrust, to tension and possible destruction. Watch for grey loops with black background. Visit http://www.uliostermann.com/ for more information.