Jack Henry Hilton Typhoon Fighter Pilot WWII

by Christina Rowsell
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Jack Henry Hilton, a 96 year old Typhoon Fighter Pilot from WWII with the Royal Canadian Air Force will be signing his new book, “The Saga of a Canadian Typhoon Fighter Pilot.”

Hilton was recently awarded the Knight of Legion of Honour Medal from the Government of France. Even though he has received numerous medals, Hilton does not consider himself a hero. He says, “The real heroes are the ones that didn’t come home.”

During the second World War, Hilton experienced being shot down, had anti-aircraft fire sandblasts and crash landed more times than he would like to talk about. But, its the men that didn’t come home that live in his memory. Hilton’s squadron lost half of their pilots every 90 days. Of the 28 men he deployed with, Hilton was one of only 8 that returned.

His story is one that movies are made of. This Airdrie, Alberta veteran admits that he doesn’t “deserve all this attention.” On October 9, 2015, Hilton received the French Legion of Honour Medal for his services at the Alliance Francaise in downtown Calgary.

You are invited to WWII Veteran Jack Henry Hilton’s book signing.
The Saga of A Canadian
 Typhoon Fighter Pilot
by Jack Henry Hilton

Late January, Chapters at Cross Iron Mills - I'll keep you posted on the exact date and timing. 

“The Saga of a Canadian Typhoon Fighter Pilot” is also available at Chapters/Indigo to order from their kiosk in softcover: http://bit.ly/1QHTeKa and in Kindle format at:http://amzn.to/1HslVsC

See Jack on CTV News here https://youtu.be/thD6iqkDkDU