The Philanthropy Channel Using Television as A Force for Good

by Christina Rowsell
The Brighter Side
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We all have it within us to find our calling.  To follow the road that leads us to our passion.  It's just a matter of listening to the signs, the sounds, and the gifts of the Universe.

Life often sends us "whispers" of what our life purpose is.  Most of us don't hear the whispers, or we just ignore them.  But sooner or later those messages will get louder and louder!  Then you have no choice but to listen those really loud whispers. 

For Peter Clarke, President of The Philanthropy Channel, he just couldn't ignore the messages that the Universe were sending him. Peter started his passion for television making travel videos.  Along the way he quickly realized that he wanted to make videos that helped people that gave them a voice.  His life changing experience came after he traveled to Rwanda, Africa with an NGO and filmed the experience with his wife Renuka.  That experience was those messages that his life purpose is to develop a channel that becomes an everyday part of people's lives.  A channel that is about lifting the world up by connecting people through stories of hope, compassion and inspiration.

Peter's story and journey is in this Special Edition Magazine "The Philanthropy Channel: Is the Power To Inspire The World Already In Hand".  YOU are invited to join The Philanthropy Channel on this journey to Ignite Change.

This Special Edition was created to start The Philanthropy Channels journey to Necker Island to meet one of the world's iconic business and philanthropic leaders, Sir Richard Branson!

The Philanthropy Channel Magazine

by Christina Rowsell ~
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  1. Thank you for all that you have done to support Peter on his journey and for all that you do to have people truly look at "The Brighter Side". Big hugs my friend. <3