Electronic Recycling

by Christina Rowsell
via ERA - Electronic Recycling Association

http://www.era.caIn today’s day and age it’s hard not to have equipment that seems old.  It’s as though technology changes as fast as you can say “technology changes”.  So what do you do with your old equipment?  Do you just toss it in the trash?  Do you try to sell it at a garage sale and then it ends up collecting dust in your garage?  Here's a better solution ERA - Electronic Recycling Association!  Not only does it get that old computer and iPod stand out of your hair, but it's going to HELP OTHER PEOPLE!

ERA's mission is "to reduce unnecessary enviromental impact by re purposing electronic/ICT equipment through to true end of life - and to compel positive community impact through donation activities."

This is what ERA can do for you:

- Pick up all of your old IT & electronic equipment you don`t need any more at your site
- Remove all of your company`s data from computers according to highest standards (free hard- drive wiping services plus data removal certificate)
- Refurbish your donated items and donate them on your behalf to local charities in need
- Recycle locally all of the equipment that cannot be reused.

Your donations can help others in need. Too much old equipment gets thrown out every day. To you an old, outdated computer may be junk, to someone else it’s a necessity. Please don’t throw away your old equipment! There is always someone who could use it.

Here are just a couple of organizations and their wish lists. They work with MANY more. You can also check the list of charities they work with here http://www.era.ca/charities/

Alberta's Promise - Wish List 
 200 Computers, Monitors, Laptops, Servers, Printers, Fax Machines

Ebris - The Edmonton Brain Injury Relearning Society - Wish List
 20 Computers, 20 Monitors, keyboards, mice, power cords

West Coast Domestic Workers' Association - Wish List
 Computers, Laptops, Printers


Visit www.era.ca/charities/ for a full list of the charities ERA helps. 

They also offer physical destruction On Site / Off Site - hard drives, tapes, anything that fits in mobile shredder.  See the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzDtZT1Fkks

Electronic Recycling Association is available across Canada.  To find one near you go to http://www.era.ca/depots/.

Help bring smiles to the faces of those who could use the gift of technology!  Just like 93-year-old Ms. Silvia Pavat, who recently celebrated her birthday.  She's still enjoying the laptop ERA gifted her.  Ms. Pavat loves emailing, surfing, researching about health, as well as listening and watching free programs from Italy. 
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Now THIS is what makes The Brighter Side SMILE!  Thank YOU ERA!  
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