Looking forward to another year on The Brighter Side

by Christina Rowsell
The Brighter Side

2013 was a year we all needed to hear some good news, look for great ideas and meet some amazing people.  We're looking forward to doing more and more of that in 2014.  To celebrate our new year we're doing a give a way!  

We want to you to relax and take some time to yourself.  Click HERE if you'd like a Brighter Side mug AND a copy of "Doll of Dawson" by Holly Dutch.  (While supplies last).  Earlier we introduced you to Holly Dutch.  

And now get a FREE copy of her book. 

Doll of Dawson - More than forty years after the Klondike gold rush, Helen--a young reporter for an Alaskan publication is determined to interview an aging, former dancehall girl to secure her place as a professional journalist. 

Though the elderly woman's story of survival seems closely guarded, the memories of friendship and betrayal remain sharp within her mind.

As a new bride struggling to maintain the image of perfection from high society Minneapolis, Mae recounts the last gold rush expedition that promised to make thousands of men rich--including her husband Arthur, if only they could withstand the cold and treachery of the Chilkoot Trail, and of each other. Mae recalls several colourful characters including heroes, scoundrels, 
prostitutes--even an exotic bird!

However, when greed and corruption set in, Mae's husband leaves her stranded in Dawson City to fend for herself. It's then that she became the town's beloved "Doll of Dawson", melting the coldest hearts, and finding wealth beyond gold.

Based on the true events of a woman who lived in Dawson, Yukon at the time of the Klondike gold rush named Mae Field, and the actual article written four decades later entitled The Doll of Dawson by Helen Berg.

Not only that, but we want you to enjoy a cup of your favourite beverage in a Brighter Side Mug!  

Our gift to you!  Get your book "Doll of Dawson" and Brighter Side Mug HERE!  Supplies are limited, first come first serve!  Happy New Year!

The Brighter Side Team!


WestJet Christmas

by Christina Rowsell
Via - WestJet Christmas YouTube

The Spirit of Christmas is alive and well!  Especially when you deal with the amazing staff at WestJet.  Here's a heartwarming story that will certainly make you cry.  A good cry!  But it's not only this, it gets better!!!  WestJet wants you to share it!  Why would you want to share?  Because once they reach 200,000 views WestJet will GIVE EVEN MORE!!

This year, WestJet Cares for Kids will continue this tradition by donating flights through Ronald McDonald House Charities, one of WestJet's six partner charities, once the video reaches 200,000 views. Canadians can help to reach this goal by sharing the WestJet Christmas Miracle video with friends and family.

On Twitter be sure to use the #(hashtag) #WestJetChristmas using this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIEIvi2MuEkFollow WestJet on Twitter and LIKE them on Facebook.