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You’re a business owner.  You have a GREAT idea.  You have a website and a home office.  Now get to work.  One of the easiest and CHEAPEST ways to promote your company is through social media.  But doesn’t Facebook just take up too much time?  You don’t have the time or energy to see what everyone is up to.  You don’t need to see your friend’s kids Halloween costumes, too distracting.  And the last thing you need is to see what your best friend had for lunch.  Newsflash!  That’s NOT was social media for business is all about!  If you’re not on social media for your business YOU ARE MISSING THE BOAT!  

A recent survey from BMO found that more and more Canadian small business owners are turning to social media.  BMO says that these small companies are using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to look for ideas or suggestions, track feedback and to check out their competition.  BMO says 57% of about 300 business owners contracted for the study said they use Social Media.  Which is up 17 points from last year’s survey.  Half of all businesses (46 %) use social media to promote their company's brand, while 38% use them to sell their products and services.

So how do you effectively use Social Media to your advantage?  First get yourself a business Facebook Page, a business Twitter account and add your company to your personal LinkedIn Account.  If three is too many to handle, pick just one!  Get the hang of one first then move onto more.  

If you’re already familiar with Facebook, start there.  But start a new business page.  Start by getting your friends to like your page and ask them to share.  It’ll grow from there!  But how do you manage to keep up with posting to this page.  This is where you’re organizing business skills come into play.  The great thing about Social Media is that you can schedule in your posts.  Here’s a great link from Facebook on How To Schedule Facebook Posts.  Then schedule a time to go in and ENGAGE with your followers.  If your followers know that you care about you’re posting they’re more likely to come back.    

What to post?  You know your business best!  Pick things that will educate them on what you do.  Post ideas that they can use on their own.  Find things that will evoke their emotions as well.  And yes even recipes!  What?  Seems odd.  You’re a business, why would you want to post a recipe?  People LOVE posting food online.  We all need to eat, and if you’ve got a great recipe, post it.  Most importantly, engage with your followers.

As a Brighter Business Empower member we just posted a BONUS for you!  We have “5 Tips to Creating A Social Media Calendar” with ideas on specific content.  This is an excellent guide on how to organize your posts.  If you’re not a Brighter Business Empower member, join NOW, details HERE

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