Stop Parenting from Ego & Start Parenting with SOUL

by Christina Rowsell
The Brighter Side

I’ve got a gift for you that could be the SOULution to your parenting frustrations!
If you’ve ever struggled, felt frustration or overwhelm when it came to parenting; OR if you’ve wondered how you can raise your children in this day and age being able to stay true to who they are and be happy at the same time…
- take a look at this!
My colleague and friend, Trisha Savoia (founder and owner of Absolute Awareness) invited me to write an article for the Second Edition of The Soulful Parent series - The Soulful Parent Vol.II: How to Stop Parenting from Ego & Start Parenting with SOUL.  You will see my contribution on page 26! I talk about the fact that I’m NOT the perfect parent, and I too need a time out.  But it’s about just listening, loving and validating your children.
It’s designed to help you step out of the old paradigm of parenting and step into the new paradigm of parenting, which is what our children require to thrive and be happy.  As you may already know, today’s children are different.  They are more sensitive, more feeling, more open, and more self-aware.  Because of this we need to examine our old style of parenting and learn new ways to parent these children...as well as learn more about ourselves!
 Inside this top-notch resource you’ll enjoy 22 articles that are a must-read that will change your perspective…and the way you parent.
And the best part – it’s totally FREE!
This book is perfect for you if you:
    love your children dearly, and sometimes feel you are failing as a parent
    feel guilt a lot of the time, and pulled in so many directions
    your house feels more like a war zone than a place of love and happiness
    feel stressed, chaotic, and drained a good portion of the time
    feel you are always “giving in” because you’re too tired to argue anymore
    hit a breaking point and resort to yelling and screaming because they don’t listen otherwise

Be among the first to change the landscape of how we parent by jumping inside this digital ebook: click the title to get your FREE book NOW!
Enjoy!  And please help me make an impact on parenting today’s children…Will you help us spread the word about this valuable resource?!  

It's a pleasure to be included with all of these amazing contributors! 
Shelley Streit - Author, Speaker, Owner of Shelly Streit Inc; http://www.thecashcreatorcoach.com/
Shauna Chandler - Alternative Healer, Owner of Shauna Chandler Inc; http://www.shaunachandler.com/
Joanna Nightengale - Certified Birthing From Within Mentor and Doula; http://www.birthingfromwithin.com/
Susan Turnbull - Life Coach, Human Design Specialist; http://www.beliefsbreakthrucoaching.com/
Manon Mitchell - Clinical Hypnotherapist, Jumpstart Coach, Owner of Cadenza; http://www.mycadenza.com/
Munira Jiwa - QigongFacilitator, Owner of Core Energy Wellness; http://coreenergywellness.com
Faith Wood - Speaker, Author, Hypnotherapist, CEO & Founder of Inspiring Minds Consulting; http://imind.ca/
Gemma Stone - Psychologist, Coach, Speaker, Guide; http://gemmastone.org/
Jeane Watier - Award Winning Author; http://www.jeanewatier.com/
Christina Roswell - Midday Announcer for Lite 95.9, Publisher of The Brighter Side Blog; http://www.thebrightersideyyc.com/
Nicole Tunheim - Owner & Healer at Intuitive Balance; http://intuitivebalance.ca/
Rosanna Sardella - Spiritual Life Coach & Intuitive Guide; http://emergeforhealing.ca/
Trish Bishop - Author, Speaker & Intuitive Coach; http://questionjourney.com/
Nicole Brooks - Blogger; http://www.creative-being.ca/
Enza Ward - Holistic Nutritionist, Owner of Senzable Health; http://www.senzablehealth.com/
Ramona Ramesat - Angel Therapy Practitioner® & Reiki Master; www.connect2yourangels.com
Jeri Tourand - Co-Host at REALife Radio; www.blogtalkradio.com/realife
Shamir Ladani - Founder of Spirituality Explorers; calgary-spirituality-explorers
Lisa Kathleen - Parenting Coach; www.fullcircleparenting.com
Jackie Dumaine - Yoga Inspired Life Coach; www.JackieDumaine.com

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3 Reasons to Love Baseball Movies, not Baseball

I’ve never, ever liked baseball. I’ve sat through a few games, even gone to a few. Yep, I even was excited when the Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series…both times, but I’ve never been one to follow stats, have a favourite player or care about October (sorry, October). Funny thing is I’ve always loved baseball movies. Whether it’s heavy on the melodrama, the gritty realism or the comedy, I’ve always found something about the baseball to be intriguing. So what is it about baseball movies that can make even someone like me shell out the bucks to reach the fictional ninth inning? It’s the mystique of the American past-time (even if I’m Canadian)

1.) The Fairy Tale: The Natural / Field of Dreams

When you dig into the mythology, there’s such an aura around guys like Shoeless Joe Jackson or Babe Ruth. They were larger than life, in character and in deed. I’m not old enough to know what it was like to watch them play but the players seem to transcend the sport itself. They were symbols of not athletes but of an era when sports were more about bringing families together (usually father and son) and making it into the history books than it was about contracts and how much you could a home run ball for on eBay. I don’t think any movie was better at capturing the symbolism than The Natural

2.) The History: Eight Men Out / A League of Their Own/ Moneyball

Now the history of baseball isn’t just about the characters but rather the time periods they represented. In Eight Men Out, baseball was considered a morality play, something to aspire to…until players fell off their public pedestals to accept bribes to throw the 1919 World Series. In A League of Their Own, women fought for equality and some respect in a society that demanded painted smiles and stupid uniforms. And in Moneyball, Billy Beane ripped up tradition and the old mythology with it to build a team from stats and math forging a new sports legend. These movies weren’t about baseball, they just played there.

3.)  Unlikely Heroes: Bad News Bears / Bull Durham

OK, I get it. Name any sports movie that doesn’t involve a bunch of lovable losers that no one expects to win, proving themselves and winning the big game. Can’t do it. However, it’s hard to beat a baseball move for stories of the underdog (OK, Rudy is pretty great). Bad News Bears is a classic with kids that are just brutal but you want them to win anyway. In Bull Durham, probably one of the best baseball movies of all time, doesn’t spend as many minutes on the diamond as you’d think. But, with Susan Sarandon, Kevin Costner and the role that made everyone really notice Tim Robbins, you don’t really care. However it works out, you want it to be good.

Baseball movies are very rarely ever about baseball. It’s probably why I’m always interested in the next one. What’s your favourite baseball move?

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