Patience is timing

Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is "timing" that waits for the right time to act, for the right principles and in the right way." Fulton J. Sheen 

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Look Forward to the Future

At the end of the day reflect on the past and look forward to the future.  For we can't change what happened today, but there's till time to make for a better tomorrow.

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Stand Up For Something

Stand up for something, even if it means standing alone. 
 Because often times, the one who flys solo has the strongest wings.

This tree has a special meaning - it's a tree that is now supported by love to keep it standing. My brother (who passed away) always loved the strength that this tree symbolized.  To this day you can see this tree along the Crowsnest Pass on Hwy 3, Alberta/BC Canada.

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Think Productive

by Sheri Bruneau ~ Brighter Business Empower
Brighter Business Empower had the distinct pleasure to have Dawn O’Connor with Think Productive Canada present ‘Think Productive, Be Productive’.
It was at this session that Dawn shared some practical tips and techniques that members and guests could walk away with at the end of the session and start applying right away.  Although we will not cover all of her tips, we would like to share some tips on managing email.


As Dawn mentioned in her seminar, “It is not your job to sit and process email all day long”.  Email is just a tool to have conversations.
Go into your day intentionally with a plan!  Instead of being reactive, be proactive with email.  What does that mean? It means you are in control of how you manage your email and your habits.
  1. Bells and Alerts – By turning off your bells and alerts, you will be saving 6 minutes per day.  That equates to 3 days a year.  Be honest and ask yourself: how distracting is the ping and/or the alert that comes up on your screen, etc?  Is it really necessary to have a bell or an alert go off every time you receive a new email?  Most likely, the answer is no.
  2. Emergency Stop – schedule in a time when you check and address email throughout the day.  This needs to work in conjunction with your work-flow and your work environment.  By doing this you are controlling whenyou are available.  This allows others to know you are not available 24/7 and allows you to be proactive and not reactive with your responses.
  3. Disconnect – Many entrepreneurs have a difficult time disconnecting.  Ask yourself: Can you disconnect while on vacation, the weekend, etc?  By not disconnecting, are you allowing yourself to fully recharge?  This is one habit that I personally find difficulty to follow through with.  It also is one habit that I am going to try and implement (starting with disconnecting on Sunday’s).  I’ll let you know how it goes!
  4. Two Minute Rule – The Two Minute Rule is a rule that comes from David Allen and Getting Things Done and is quite simple.  If something comes into your inbox that you can process or act on it, then just do it right then and there.  By doing so, it can save you a couple an hours per day.
Although these are just a few tips Dawn shared in her session, these tips can be easily implemented with you and your business.  As Dawn’s twelve year old son stated,
“Plan, don’t be random.”  George O’Connor
It truly will make a difference!
Written by: Sheri Bruneau – Brighter Business Empower
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How Well Do You Know Your Pre-Teen?

How Well Do You Know Your Pre-Teen?
by Calgary's Child Magazine

The ‘tween years: the time you discover you can really use an owner’s manual. Don’t panic, therapist and parent educator Patricia Morgan has developed a wonderful tool to help shed some light on important issues and open the lines of communication between parents and preteens.

Patricia’s goal is to offer some useful ideas to support you in your job of parenting your pre-teen through this stage. Her quiz is designed to cover a variety of topics including: Pre-adolescent Development; Communication; Self Esteem and Emotions; Family Life; Discipline; Responsibility and Independence and Peers. To get you started, here’s an excerpt on Communication and Responsibility & Independence from her full quiz to help manoeuvre through your preteen’s developmental stages. To take the full quiz, visit www.calgaryschild.com

Pre-Teen Parent Quiz Score the following from 1 to 5:
1= never; 2= seldom; 3= sometimes; 4= most of the time; 5= always


1. Daily I communicate love and appreciation.
2. I speak respectfully and clearly using “I” statements.
3. I share my feelings openly.
4. I tell what I will and will not do.
5. My body posture matches my words.
6. My tone of voice is congruent with my words.
7. I avoid name-calling, sarcasm; lecturing, judging, put downs, yelling, advising, moralizing, catastrophizing, blaming and pleading.
8. I make my expectations clear; treatment of siblings, teachers, peers and property.
9. I ask for my child's opinion and thinking on matters from; what shall we have for dinner to the Afghan situation.
10. I engage in conversations focused on my child's interests and opinions as often as I start conversations focused on my concerns or interests.
11. I share an appropriate amount of private information with my child.
12. I do not pry with multiple questions into my child's life.
13. I listen attentively.
14. I seek to understand my child's point of view and feelings before asking to be heard.
15. I use open-ended questions to support effective problem solving.

Responsibility and Independence

1. I provide appropriate supervision for my child.
2. I make sure that my child has the skills and accepts appropriate responsibility before giving my permission for him or her to child mind.
3. I assure that my child has adequate supervision.
4. Whenever possible I do not leave my child home alone after school.
5. I minimize the time my child is home alone.
6. If my child is home alone I have put a plan in place that provides safety and connection.
7. My child has some money available to learn responsibilities around financial management.
8. I realize that even at this age my child needs reminders about manners.
9. I compromise around a messy room, arrange for a periodic clean up and know that it is not a big deal in the big picture.
10. I avoid doing for my child what my child can do for him/herself.
11. I do not get into conflict about chores. I work out an agreement.
12. I accept that typically family pets become a parent's responsibility.
13. I have taught my child how to greet guests, shake hands, answer the phone and take messages.
14. I model good manners.

How did you do? Patricia recommends, “If you feel there's room for improvement but don't know where to start, you may want to consider taking a class or reading a parenting book focusing on pre-teens.” She adds, “Why not try having your pre-teen take this test with you? You may have different opinions on how well you're doing in different areas.” For more information on upcoming pre-teen parenting classes call Family Life Education at Families Matter at 403-205-5178.

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Good Film Hunting ~ Documenting Netflix, Canada-Style

by Russel Lolacher of Good Film Hunting


Why aren’t documentaries more popular? Sure there’s the odd Michael Moore film that gets lots of attention, especially during the Academy Awards, but generally they don’t get the box office of superheroes and movie stars. Why? Reality TV is huge, and has been for a while. Youtube videos of real people telling their stories, and giving insight into their lives, are getting millions of views. I don’t get it. Documentaries provide as much drama, action and mystery as any Hollywood blockbuster, usually more so. Looking through Netflix Canada, I thought I’d direct you to some to get your docu-juices flowing (you can use the term "docu-juices" if you want)…

Exit Through the Gift Shop – who is Banksy? A rebel? An artist? A hypocrite? Well, one thing we know from this is he’s a filmmaker. Originally beginning as a look into the world of street/graffiti artists, it moves into a spotlight of one man’s obsession of this art form and his attempt at becoming a part of it. Even if you aren't an art lover, you'll find it amazing how this guy goes from voyeur to "visionary". Yes, the quotations were on purpose.

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son about his Father – I will never stop recommending this doc. It was probably one of the biggest reasons I got back into watching them. The story starts like this:  a director tries to film his  best friend's memorial, through family and friend interviews, to be given as a gift to that man’s newborn son. Got that? The movie goes far beyond that, kicking you in the emotional gut with its shocking twists and unbelievable heart. Murder, Canadians, and the power of wronged parents. Go ahead, cry like a baby at the end. We won’t judge.

This Film is not Yet Rated – as a bit of a film geek, I love the behind the scenes stories. Not the who’s dating who stuff but rather what goes on behind the curtain, how/why movies get made, the financial trouble of special effects houses, which studio has the better marketing campaign…the business info. That’s why I really enjoyed this analysis of how films are rated and, more importantly, the mysterious figures that do the rating. It’s a hell of a lot more interesting and political than you might think. The business of censorship is surprising.

See the trailer here on either link.

NoImpact Man – Could you give up your daily coffee? New clothes? Electricity? A New York family decides to create as little impact on our world as possible for one year. What that looks like: local food only, no new products, no elevators, no cans, no TV…don’t get me started on toilet paper. Watching the Starbucks-loving, shoe-obsessed wife go through this gauntlet will make you giggle. Funny and fascinating. Could you do it?

Go Tigers! – how crazy is southern America for high school football? Answer: really, really crazy. This a place where sports trump scholastic achievement and, if you’re not with the football program, you’re not part of the town. It is amazing to watch a community defined by it’s high school football program, for better or for worse (most of it seems to be worse). Can't fault them for their passion. OK, yeah you can.

 hope some of these entice you to sit down and enjoy the “original reality TV”. If you’re a fan of documentaries or couldn’t be bothered, let me know. I’m curious to understand you.

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by Christina Rowsell
The Brighter Side

We are NOT invisible!  But at times when we are in vulnerable situations like domestic violence, trafficking, eating disorders, addictions etc, we feel like invisible is a better place to be.  It doesn't have to be that way.  Presenting "Invisible" at Hotel Arts on April 7th to raise funds and awareness towards women who are trying to flee these situations.  Mpact has partnered with Brenda House, Inn From the Cold, The Mustard Seed, The Drop In Centre, Neighbourlink, Highbanks, Sonshine Centre, Servants Anonymous and Wild Garden to bring you and evening of live entertainment, silent auction, art auction and dance.

INVISIBLE is a dance show telling the stories of women who feel invisible, vulnerable and shamed.  You see one woman who learns her shame from culture - teaching her what is acceptable and what is not.  Ashamed of her increasingly aging body in a world of botox and grey-free hair, she slowly feels she sinks into the wall, ignored and overlooked by society. The woman with a mass-load of debt trying to keep up to the standards of her wealthy friends.  The woman who mourns "what she used to be".  The teenage girl finding her acceptance in one night stand only to be left alone the next day.

You see the other woman who wants to stay invisible to the world.  The woman  fleeing domestic violence, the woman who sells her body to feed her children, the woman hiding in the washroom trying to throw up her last meal.  The woman who cuts herself for the shame she carries.

You can get your tickets now hereOr you can through Invisible Show here.  You can also get tickets and general admission at:
PULSE Studio (110 10th Ave., NW)
Aluminum Planet (1020 17th Ave., SW)
Hed Kandi with Chrissy Straub (142-146 13th Ave., SW)
General admission and Cash only.  

You are NOT invisible.  Be heard and be seen!  We can all help others see The Brighter Side of life!  
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Painting for Parkinsons

Parkinson disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder after Alzheimer's disease. Parkinson disease affects both motor and non-motor functioning caused by a loss of dopamine in the brain.

The average age of diagnosis with Parkinson disease is 60 years, but approximately 10% of individuals are diagnosed before the age of 40. More than half are diagnosed before retirement age. Men and women are equally affected. Approximately 100,000 people in Canada and 8,000 in Alberta have Parkinson disease.

But through the Parkinson Alberta Society, their purpose is to ease the burden and find a cure through research, education, advocacy and support services.  So how can we help and support the Parkinson Alberta Society?  Meet Cheryl Peddie.  She is Painting for Parkinsons.  She has embarked on this new spring project in honour of her Dad, who passed away from Parkinson’s in 2011. For the next four weeks, she'll be creating one painting per day and will be selling them, with 50% of the proceeds going to the Parkinson Alberta Society

Here's some examples of Cheryl's AMAZING work: 

© Cheryl Peddie  "A Bright New Day"

© Cheryl Peddie "View from the Cottage" – SOLD –
© Cheryl Peddie "Where Paintings Come From" – SOLD
For more information and to get your original Cheryl Peddie painting visit  http://cherylpeddie.ca/2013/02/22/im-painting-for-parkinsons/

What a GREAT Mother's Day gift idea... or even just because.  All for a GREAT cause.  Thank you Cheryl for sharing with us.

Cheryl Peddie online  http://cherylpeddie.ca/

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Good Film Ironman: Leonardo DiCaprio

by Russel Lolacher of Good Film Hunting

Unfortunately now, when most people hear the term “ironman” and movies, they think of Robert Downey Jr. heroics and metal underwear. Don’t get me wrong, Iron Man is a good movie, but what I’m referring to is in line with the storied competition. The Ironman – overcoming crazy odds to outlast and outperform under unbelievable pressure or, let me translate:

Good Movie Ironman – overcoming crazy odds (chances of being a successful movie career) to outlast (a consistently successful career) and outperform (always brings their A game) under unbelievable pressure (public/critic judgment). 

LD, as I never call him, has been pretty amazing for a good, long while. He’s enjoyed three Academy Award nominations with a recent Golden Globe nomination for his performance in Django Unchained. If you want his history, go to his Wikipedia page. If you want a look at his history of good movies, check this out:

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) – when actors had a stigma as “just TV” actors, this one showed everyone that DiCaprio had skillz. Playing Johnny Depp’s mentally handicapped little brother, he took what could have been a terrible stereotype and gave it real character. He’s good like that. It was also his first Oscar nomination.

The Basketball Diaries (1995) – what better way to shake that “kid” image than by playing an iconic American author, poet, alcoholic and drug addict like Jim Caroll? Again, the Leonardo took a risk on a part that could have been too over the top, or not effective. I’ve heard it’s even harder to play a real person because there’s something to compare to. He did the role justice.

Catch Me if You Can (2002) – DiCaprio has done very well playing biographical parts. He started with Basketball Diaries and continued that success in portraying master con-man and counterfeiter, Frank Abagnale Jr. How can you tell if an actor is good? Put him up against a proven Oscar winner like Tom Hanks. Great story, well told and directed by Stephen Spielberg. 

The Departed (2006) – If DiCaprio has had any long-term love affair, it’s been with Martin Scorsese. Together they’ve made four films, with a fifth on the way. This film is my favourite of their collaborations, and I’m not alone. It won four Oscars, including the big one: Best Picture. You couldn’t ask for a better cast: Nicholson, Damon, Wahlberg, Baldwin, Sheen. And then you throw in Scorsese’s return crime drama roots …well, let’s just say I suddenly want to watch this again.

Inception (2010) – while director Christopher Nolan was taking a break from making two of the biggest movies of all time (Dark Knight anyone?), he put together a mind-screw of a film. Bending reality and putting dreams within dreams, this film would have failed if it weren’t for the absolute commitment of its actors. That’s great science fiction. And Leonardo DiCaprio lead the way. If you see this, make sure it’s in high-def, loud and on a big screen. 

Can you think of a terrible movie with him in it? Me neither. There have been a few that haven’t been as popular or critically acclaimed as he may have liked but actually B-A-D…sorry, I got nothing. But then, that’s why he’s a helluva Good Movie Ironman.

Can you think of any other actors/actresses that are great, no matter what movie they’re in?  Find out more about Good Film Hunting and Russel Lolacher at www.goodfilmhunting.com.  Let him know who your favorite actor/actress is.  For us at The Brighter Side it's Tom Hanks and Jodie Foster.


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