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In today's day and age, life has become so busy and hectic, that the only way to keep in touch is through digital media.  Facebook reminds us about someones birthday.  You can Tweet hashtags to express #thanks for the coffee.  Or even digital invites to your parents 45th wedding anniversary.

But, what ever happened to the "good ol' days" of writing your wishes and thoughts on paper.  Sticking it in an envelope and licking the bitter stamp?  Well... it's not gone, perhaps just forgotten.

Allow me to introduce you to Papyrus (if you haven't yet met).  You may have seen cards with Papyrus and the famous humming bird on it.  (Which is what I only knew them as).  But did you know they have an actual retail store?  Right here!!  Believe it or not, they've actually been in Calgary for 3 years in TD Square.  (Don't worry if you didn't know that, I didn't either with my avoidance of down town parking).

Now, there's a new retail store in Chinook Centre on the second floor of the newly renovated part!  And Papyrus is not just cards!  (I'll get to the card part in a bit).  But I found myself in awe of the beautiful jewellery and handbags they have.  Plus there's a wide selection of children's gifts, birthday gifts, thank you gifts, or just a little something for your self!  And I did just that and bought myself this amazing bracelet from NIQUEA.D.  I didn't want to unwrap it.  It looked so pretty!  Love this bracelet.  I try to make it with every outfit!

As for the stationary, there's a wide selection of cards to choose from.  It's always nice to have a blank card handy for those times you're going to a surprise party, a dinner party, or just a little visit with a friend.  And if you have a bit more time on your hands to peruse the cards, you'll LOVE these vibrant cards.  I've certainly sent my share of Papyrus cards to loved ones.  I especially love their wedding shower, anniversary and romantic selection of cards.  Nothing says it better than a hand written card!  Plus, you can add a little gift to your card with a great selection of books.  I was eyeing up the Lady Gaga book.

Say it with love and with elegance from Papyrus.  Say hello to the amazing staff in Chinook Centre Mall!

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  1. I bought my grandmother's 100th birthday card here. What a great store with so many unique treasures!