Memories for a Lifetime!

So what do you do with a box full of old 8mm slides, or VHS home videos, or even old photographs?  Technology is always changing, and it's getting harder and harder to find an old projector or even a VHS, and even those old photographs are now too fragile to touch.  Take them to That's Entertainment in Okotoks!

Last year for Christmas, we dug through the old slides and were holding them up to the light to see what was on them.  Most of them giving us a good chuckle of memories from when we were kids.  We decided to have them converted to a digital file and found That's Entertainment in Okotoks.

That's Entertainment offers a wide range of technical and artistic services in the audio-visual realm.  From old film stock, video footage, photographs, negatives or audio recordings, they handle your memories with care.  They can create an even more beautiful memory than you remember.  What a nice way to look back on the days that made you smile and even laugh.

What a GREAT gift idea too.  Maybe for a 65th Birthday Bash, or a 50th Wedding Anniversary.  That's Entertainment puts heart and soul into your personal project.  And reasonable rates.

So if you're wondering what to do with all those 60's and 70's pictures of your dad in a moustache, check out That's Entertainment!

That's Entertainment online at http://www.tevideo.ca/

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