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Have you noticed an increasingly amount of men in your office sporting a new look? Facial hair!  As most women will say EW… before you hate the Mo, love the idea behind it!  It’s Movember!  Yes it’s official!  Check out the Movember Website for all the details.  

Hurray for these men!  During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in Canada and around the world. With their “Mo’s”, these men raise vital funds and awareness for men's health, specifically prostate cancer.  There’s a whole list of official rules and regulations on this site, and a link to donate to your favorite Tom Selleck wearing man.  

First Week Mo
2nd Week Mo
My husband and his comrades at work have a team going to raise the funds for this worthy cause.  It’s become quite competitive in the office.  Not only to see who can raise the most amount of money, but who can grow the best stash!  If you feel the need to donate, here’s his link. Click here

But it’s not just for the cause that men are growing these furry friends under their nose.  Some of the men I work with are doing it “just because”.  One colleague of mine suggested that it has always been a bit of a childhood dream to grow a moustache.  It’s not as easy as women may think.  Unless you’re a guy who has to shave twice a day, it may take the whole month for some men to grow something that will look decent. 

Personally, I’m not fond of the Mo.  Perhaps it’s because when I met my husband he had the clean-shaven look.  And now the growth is, well, to put it nicely, EW!  So how do some men pull it off?  My father had one for years, but I met him like that, so I didn’t really notice it until he actually shaved it off when I was an adult.  My father-in-law too.  Again I didn’t notice it until he shaved it off.  As for Tom Selleck, I think his "it" factor is that he has the GREAT hair to go with it!

This whole Movember has helped men bond too.  I’ve seen men giving other men the high five, or a fist pound, and they don’t even know each other!  It’s like they’re all truck drivers giving other truck drivers the wave! 

On The Brighter Side ladies, most men will shave it off December 1st.  AND it was for a good cause.  Who knows, you may grow to love it.  (Not this girl though)
Christina Rowsell

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