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by Christina Rowsell

For The Love Of Pets

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They say that a pet has a love that is unconditional. Why wouldn’t anyone want that? Unconditional love is affection without any limitations, or a love without condition. By petting a dog, it can boost your immune system. They say that cat owners can reduce their risk of a heart attack by 30 percent. There’s even benefits to watching fish swim – it lowers your blood pressure.

But our love between our dog, cat, horse, bird hamster, reptile, etc., goes beyond love. This companionship has huge impacts on our lives and health. Even if you don’t have a pet you can reap the benefits by just visiting one. Animals help improve our mental, physical and social health.

One, obvious, benefit is the amount of physical health you can receive when you have a dog or other animal that requires activity. Studies have proven that people who own a dog often have less body fat and are more mobile and get more exercise. With more exercise it often helps your mood as well.  

Having a pet also helps your mood and lowers your blood pressure. Pets often help people relieve stress, reduce the risk of heart disease and alleviate depression. Even if you don’t have a pet or can’t have one for some reason, try to visit a pet or interact with a pet. Sometimes medical conditions or social conditions hold us back from enjoying pets of our own. However there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the benefits of a pet. Visit a pet in a shelter or ask a relative or friend if you can visit them.

The love of an animal truly is unconditional, so benefit your own life by embracing their love! The love of an animal will truly help you be the best you.

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