Be The Best You | Leverage Your Strengths

by Christina Rowsell

Leverage Your Strengths

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What are you good at? What are you really good at? Self-evaluation of your strengths will help you leverage any situation. But you first have to discover what your strengths are.

You can start by looking at your emotional intelligence. This is where you look over your ability to think, your ability to connect and your ability to move forward in life. All three are imperative to understanding what you’re capable of.

With your emotional intelligence you’ll look at how optimistic you are, how resilient you are and how you’re able to move forward from any situation. How this ties into leveraging your strengths is by understand what you’re good at gives you the ability to get more out of what you want.

Outside of your emotional intelligence, take a look at what comes natural to you. Some questions you can ask yourself are, am I self-motivated, do I have determination, am I physically strong? Perhaps you’re naturally creative? Are you funny? Can you make someone smile? Sit down and write out all the skills you have. From cooking to comfort. Being self aware of your capabilities means you can do more of what you’re good at.

Perhaps the best way to find out your strengths is to ask someone else. We often don’t see the skills that others see in us. The point is, by understanding what you’re good at will help you be the best you know how.
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