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by Christina Rowsell
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No More Excuses

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I remember someone saying to me, “If is a big word.” At the time I was young and didn’t really know what it meant. From what I’ve figured out, it means that “if” is one of those words requires a BIG leap of faith. It’s a word that can only work IF you’re willing to go after it.

IF only I had more money. IF only I had more time. IF only I was stronger. But, what IF you didn’t need more money, time or strength? What IF you stop finding excuses and actually did what you wanted to do. It’s time to stop finding excuses and to just do. If you’re picking up what I’m saying, then you’re probably thinking, “You’re right. What am I waiting for?” But, if you are afraid, and you always find something that stops you, then you’re someone who may find excuses to not live the life you’ve always wanted.

So, how do you stop having an excuse for everything? Excuses will only limit your capabilities. If you understand that excuses rationalize your actions – for not moving forward – then you can start to recognize the excuses you’re making up. Those excuses to circumstances are often the main reason you’re not able to accomplish what you desire! If you want to get more out of your life, stop finding an excuse to not move on it.

First you have to understand why you make excuses. Is it out of fear? Are you afraid of what you aren’t sure your capable of? If your excuses are out of fear, you’ll tend to avoid the situation at all costs, and make up an excuse to not do it. Fear can also mean fear of failure or fear of the unknown. By recognizing fear you can begin to understand your excuses and work towards a solution.

Another common reason for making excuses is the lack of motivation. But, understanding what motivates you will help you set goals and move forward. When you understand why you make excuses you’ll be able to start moving forward to doing and being the best you can be. You have the potential to do and be anything you want, IF you stop making excuses.

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