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by Christina Rowsell


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Find your space to enjoy music. Music has been proven as an extremely effective stress management tool. From lowering your blood pressure to decreasing stress, music can have relaxing effects on your mind and body.

Now, most studies have shown that slow, classical music can benefit your physiological functions and can slow your pulse and heart rate down – creating a more relaxed environment. However, don’t discredit the music genre you love. By listening to whatever music moves you will help you.

There’s something special about music. Music can take you and your mind to a place that is serene, lively or just relaxing. The important thing to remember about listening to music is that it inspires you to be the best you.

Every listen to the radio, hear a particular song and instantly you’re thinking back to where you were the first time you heard that song? Music can help you remember a happy memory, make you feel happy or just lift you up. This is why I want you to listen to music that moves you.

Studies have proven that our brain has different pathways for processing music like melody, tempo, rhythm, pitch and speech. Slower music tends to bring our heart rate down and will slow your breathing down. So, obviously, fast music will increase all of this, but can also lift your mood.

Listening to music can also release creative ideas. By nurturing your creative side, you can create balance with your world. Listening to music is an essential part of helping you be the best you, you know how.

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