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by Christina Rowsell

Mind Your Manners

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“Don’t forget your p’s and q’s.” A simple please and thank you can go a long way.  

At this stage of the game you don’t need to be reminded of how far manners will take you. But, think of how you feel when someone treats you with dignity, polite manners and respect. However, moods can step in the way to change the way we treat people.

There’s a saying, "Kindness is contagious." The “golden rule’ is to treat others as you expect to be treated. And, if you’re kind, your energy and demeanor can wear off on someone else. This can be particularly helpful during conflict and in situations that escalate. Polite manners can, sometimes, adjust the view and attitude of any situation

Good manners are taught at a very young age. Children learn that by having good manners they get treated with more respect. As adults, it’s imperative to remember those manners to earn respect from others. Polite and selfless people are also effective communicators.

There’s also an interesting chain reaction when people encounter someone who is polite. When someone is polite to another person the interaction changes between the two. The mannerism change as does the tone of the conversation. When you effectively communicate with polite manners you’re steering the conversation for a positive outcome.  

You’ll find that when your conscious of your manners it’ll also change the way you talk to others. It will also wear off on your energy and change your mood. All of this to help you be the best you, you know how. 

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