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by Christina Rowsell

Look In Your Own Community
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Working at a radio station I’m often asked by people where a good place to volunteer is. We have the need in our hearts to give back, but sometimes don’t know where to start.

Start by looking in your own community. Sometimes there’s plenty of opportunity to give back right around the corner. Call the local community centre and see if they know if any charities that are looking for volunteers. Or you can simply check out google and find out volunteering opportunities in your city.

Plenty of studies suggest, the more you give the happier you’ll feel. Volunteering is a great way to improve your self-confidence and increases your sense of accomplishment. But if we stay true to our topic, on how you can be the best you, know that volunteering and helping out reduces stress and depression. By volunteering you’re giving yourself a sense of purpose.

There was an American report on the health benefits of volunteering. There’s a great quote in this study too that says, “… there is also a common wisdom that those who give of themselves also receive.”

Here’s a few charities we support: 100 Kids Calgary, 100 Women Who Care, Calgary Humane Society, Made By Momma and more.

Get out and volunteer to be the best you know how. Here's a great way to celebrate - Volunteers Share Their Stories - And Why You Should Consider Volunteering https://outwittrade.com/why-volunteer/.

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