Be The Best You | Treat Others The Way You Expect To Be Treated

by Christina Rowsell

Treat Others The Way You Expect To Be Treated

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There’s a saying that most of us learned in Kindergarten… “Treat others the way you expect to be treated.” YES! It might be time to take a step back and re-evaluate the way you speak to other people, or the way you treat them. You may not intend to treat people poorly, but sometimes it happens. Especially if things in your own life aren’t going the way you had hoped they would.

If you set up a camera to monitor every moment in your day, would you be proud of how you acted? Being present will help you with understanding how your words and actions make other people feel.

Are you attentive to other people when they are present? Or are you eager to only tell your story and how things are going in your life? Try asking someone how they are – but really listen to their answer. Don’t just listen to their words, but listen to their emotion and how they answer. You’ll learn so much more about how they’re feeling. Plus you’re validating them. And, in turn, they’ll treat you with the same respect.

As a bonus, remember to also treat pets with the respect they deserve. Being kind to all beings will definitely put you on the right track to being the best you know how.

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