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What is holding you back? Is it the fear of the unknown? As much as routine is good for us in the sense that it gives us a path, sometimes we need to try going off the beaten path! Try something new! As frightening as it may seem, you may be pleasantly surprised. Trying something new opens your mind to opportunities you may not have known had existed in the first place.

Start small. Take baby steps. For example, I thought today I’m going to take a different path than I usually do while walking my dog. I had in my mindset that I was trying something new, and I was open to whatever was going to come my way. To my surprise I came across some blossoming flowers I had never seen before! (See attached image.) Honestly, it took me by surprise how open I was to trying something new, and how I was shown these flowers.

The first step to trying something new is to open your mind to the idea. Follow up on this by trying something new, like the new path on your walk or driving a different route to work. Ease yourself into it until you feel pretty good about trying something new. Next think you know, you’ll try listening to different music or watch a show that you never thought you’d like. The point is, by trying something new you are creating opportunities that you never new existed.

So how does this play out in being the best you know how? If you open your mind to new opportunities you may find new ways to better yourself in love, money and time. There’s a saying that says, “If you don’t like what’s happening, then change it.” But that’s the problem; sometimes we don’t know how to change it. We don’t know how to try something new.

Try to be on the lookout for new opportunities and a new way of looking at things. Sometimes the “same old” isn’t working.  By introducing new ideas you may find better path.

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