Be The Best You | Clean | Week Fourteen

by Christina Rowsell


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Live in the moment. One way to be in the moment is to be aware of everything around you. However if your surroundings are cluttered it's hard to focus. It may be tie to clean and de-clutter. 

By sorting through your possessions and getting rid of unnecessary stuff it opens your mind to a more breathable space. Holding onto things that you haven't used in a while - or even knew you had - will help you de-clutter. 

Sometimes a roadblock to de-cluttering is the fear of getting rid of things that are of sentimental value. This is where you'll need to dig deep into your emotions and find out the why behind your things. For example, perhaps you have a keychain that your grandmother gave you as a gift. You admired your grandmother, so, you feel that if you got rid of the key chain you'll forget about your grandmother. Deep down inside, you know this isn't true. But, whenever you see the keychain it makes you smile - and you think of her and all the wonderful memories you had. Then, that's okay to hag onto the keychain. But when it comes to getting rid of stuff, really look at the value it brings you. If it's just there, taking up space and there's really no meaning behind it, perhaps it's time to donate it. 

Donating is a wonderful way to de-clutter. This way you don't feel like you're actually getting rid of stuff, more so, your stuff is helping someone else. There are mental health benefits to having a clean space. It helps reduce anxiety, it increased your productivity, it helps your self-esteem and it'll spark creativity. All things you need to be the best you, you know how.

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