Be The Best You | Self Love | Week Five

by Christina Rowsell


Image © Christina Rowsell

Allow yourself the gift of self-love. We often feel the need to always help others that we forget to take care of ourselves. Or, the urge to take care of others is the only way we feel worthy. So much so, that we don’t let others into our space to do the same for us.

If you’re someone who feels the need to always do for others, ask yourself if you are letting others do something for you. When you only give out, and not receive in, you are letting go of your own energy and not replenishing that energy that was given away.

At the same time when you don’t allow others to help you, as you have helped them, you often push them away. You, as the giver, know how important you feel when you’ve helped someone up, or helped someone in a time of need. That same person may want to return that love. Although you often don’t want or expect them to return the love you’ve given – to them, it’s a way of giving thanks.

Allow others to give you the love you’ve given them. As you selflessly give of yourself, allow the gift of giving back in return – if they so desire. Yes, I know you don’t expect it or (more times than not) even want anything in return, but your gift of time, space, food, money or simply love needs to be replenished so that you don’t burn yourself out. Ever wonder why you don’t have energy sometimes after giving the gift of your whole heart? It’s because the energy you’ve given away hasn’t been returned.

If there’s no one who is there to give you the gift of simply giving, give the gift to yourself. Allow you’re heart to sing with something that makes you smile. Perhaps it’s looking through old photos, or taking a walk with your dog. Maybe it’s the gift of a quiet moment. Whatever that gift is, don’t forget to give yourself the gift of self-love.

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