Be The Best You | Positive Thinking | Week One

by Christina Rowsell

Positive Thinking

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Welcome to weekly thoughts to put you on the right path - to be the best you.

With new beginnings, it has to start with a strong foundation. That foundation starts with your mind and positive thinking. It's important to have a strong mind for when times are tough and when things go wrong. This is a personal formula that I have used. I have anxiety and have gone through trials and tribulations. You may find that you need some of the guidelines I'll share and some you already know. Hopefully you can follow along weekly and get what you need out of this.

By starting your year off with a positive attitude you'll know how to bring yourself up when you fall. We all fall. I fall. But, sometimes you are the only one who can get yourself back up again. By following along every week I'll give you reminders on how you can be the best you know how.

This first foundation is crucial to how you react to situations that are (sometimes) out of your control. The foundation of positive thinking will help you - when you need help.

There’s something revitalizing about letting go of what was and starting over. But what if your start over is an extension of what was. By that I mean, our past is what gives us our life experience – good or bad – and with a new beginning take the lessons you’ve learn in the past and move forward in a new uplifting direction. 

Not all pasts are bad. And, as you set out on your new beginning, take a moment to reflect on any past memories that lift your spirit. Remember those moments that made you smile. The time you remember saying. "I wish this moment would last forever."

If we dwell in the past memories that hurt us, we can’t move forward. We get lost in the hurt. I want you to move forward with memories that make your mind feel free and your heart sing. As you set our on your new year and new beginnings take each day to reflect on what makes you happy. When you’re reminded of what moves you and makes you happy it’s easier to focus on what works. 

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