Be The Best You | Believe In Something Good | Week Two

Believe In Something Good

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In your quest to take a moment and work towards things that matter, it’s important to be optimistic. Our theme in January is focusing on your new beginning.  If our thoughts are clouded with negativity the energy changes as we go about our day. One negative thought will set your day up for failure. 

This week I want you to put one positive thought into your daily routine. A simple optimistic thought as you wake up, make breakfast, sip on your coffee or just start your day will set your day up for success. 

It’s not easy to take the first step of faith to believe that something good will happen.  It takes practice. 

Last week you were asked to remember the good memories from your past that put you in a positive space. Now you are asked to create your own positive space by starting your thoughts with something that will carry your energy throughout the day. 

Believe in something good. It doesn’t have to be anything big – or anything that may change the world. It’s one simple thought that something good will happen. It could be as simple being present in the moment and enjoying the simplicities of the day from a sip of coffee to hearing the birds sing, seeing the sun shine or watching someone smile.  

You are in charge of setting yourself up for success and it starts with your thought process.

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