DJ Birthday Party

by Christina Rowsell
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A themed birthday party takes planning and patience to put together. We've always encouraged our kids to be creative, so I encourage them to come up with a theme that says them.

Unfortunately, our boys never pick popular themes. Trust me, if my son wanted a Minion birthday we'd be well prepared. But, so far we've had a Treehouse Birthday, Fishing Birthday, Swamp Birthday and Lego Birthday. (Plus many, many more!)

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So what kind of birthday party do you have for an 11 year old who loves to make his own music and taught himself how to DJ? A DJ birthday party of course!

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So ask yourself, what do you need for a DJ birthday party? First and foremost is the VIP passes of course with cool lanyards. (Thanks to Cheryl Macdonald from http://www.corppromo.com/ for helping me find these!!) Your guest needs to feel like it's an exclusive dance party with their own personal DJ. Thank goodness, my son is the DJ. He's been making music now since the fall and has fallen in love with DJ mixing as well - great combination! Phew, the entertainment is covered. (www.hudsonsmithdj.com)
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Party invites of course come first. This is where it's handy I know how to use Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop to help me out. I also get a little help with templates from GraphicRiver. The great thing about the stuff I print, it gets recycled. Along with the party invites, I also created DJ party posters to match. Including one giant poster for the backdrop! (When I don't have time to make if for myself I use Tracey from WISH BIG on Etsy. She's great with custom orders on invites and posters!)

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The dollar store also has the neon lights to keep up the cool effects! We even found $4 headphones for the goodie bag! Win Win! Plus, I found a strobe light on Amazon.ca that really added to the effect of the DJ experience.

Then there's the cake. That's where I need help! I'm creative, but I can not bake! Which is why I always use Tanya from The Cake Bake Shoppe. I send her a picture of what I want and she always comes through. Honestly, the cakes from The Cake Bake Shoppe are always the star of the show! Best part is, they taste yummy too!!  Tie all that in with a simple BBQ with burgers and hot dogs and you'll have a blast!

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So, if you're thinking of having a themed birthday party, don't wait until the last minute. Give yourself at least two months to plan it out. This way it goes smoothly and your birthday boy (girl) will have a party that they'll always remember.

First and foremost, it's a party for them, not you - so have fun and make it fun!

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