Mastermind Toys 2018 Summer Fun Playlist

by Christina Rowsell

If you're a parent you're aware that you need to keep the kids entertained during the summer. It isn't always an easy task. Thank goodness the expert toy buying team at Mastermind Toys has carefully-curated and handpicked the best new specialty toys and games for you!  Their playlist features 25 of the coolest new toys from Awesome Outdoor, Sweet Summer Rides, Splishy Splashy, Rainy Day Play and Cool Collectibles.

Jon Levy, Toy Merchant, Co-Founder and CEO, Mastermind Toys says, "From epic water fight tools, imaginative inflatables and cool light-up scooters, to Ninja Slacklines, super slime labs, Laser Chess, and Pikmi Pops, Mastermind Toys is Canada's fun shopping destination filled with the latest and greatest collection of specialty toys and books for all kinds of kids."

I had the chance to talk to Katrina, a toy buying expert with Mastermind Toys and she says every year scooters are a trend and this year you'll find scooters where the wheels light up. She also talked about the Imaginative Inflatables, yes the jumbo pool inflatables that make summer so much fun! Mastermind Toys has pink flamingos, swans and the super popular unicorn!

Image © Christina Rowsell
On their list of specialty toys this summer is the Slackers Ninjaline. I speak from experience here, as we just bought one for our kids, and they love it. So much fun. It's not easy, but if you're looking for a bit of a challenge and something you can play with your kids, this is a cool idea!

Another idea Katrina mentioned was Slime Kits. Apparently it's huge on YouTube where kids make slime from home!

Mastermind Toys has Slime Kits to get them started. Sounds messy, but it's a good kind of messy.

You can get all these cool summer fun toys at Mastermind Toys and online at www.mastermindtoys.com. You can listen to my interview with Katrina from Mastermind Toys HERE.

To see the full list of toys visit Mastermind Toys Newsroom http://mastermindtoys.com/newsroom.

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