Lone Star Mercedes-Benz E43 AMG

by Christina Rowsell

Lone Star Mercedes-Benz E43 AMG
As I continue with my new car challenge with Lone Star Mercedes-Benz, this month I'm test-driving  a vehicle that is sleek, sexy and the ultimate in luxury. The Mercedes-Benz E43 AMG is a sporty sedan exceeding sophistication.

The Mercedes-Benz E43 has a sleek interior. What really impressed us was what was under the hood. The E43 AMG, tuned with a 396-horsepower twin-turbo engine and a nine-speed automatic, showcased the speed and capability of this sedan - which is also suited for city driving. In other words, this beautiful sedan is cool on city streets and a powerhouse on the highway with the AMG engine. As my husband says, "The E43 AMG is exciting to drive and the response is crisp and sharp."

We were impressed with the big screen that stretched across the dashboard from one end to the other, and there were a lot of impeccable details that make the driving experience a special one. The side panels in the driver side seat that hug you when you go around the corners were awesome!

Lone Star Mercedes-Benz E43 AMG
The light show is amazing! The interior LED lights curve into the dashboard - hugging the front and back doors. The changing colours give it an awesome effect for night driving - that doesn't distract you. My kids thought that was the coolest. I'd have to say the massage chairs for the driver and passenger side had me not wanting to get out of this sedan.

Wow, cool and neat are some of the words my kids used to describe this vehicle. (Two boys ages 8 and 10.) Since we're in the market for a family vehicle, I'll be honest, we were pleasantly surprised at the room and storage this luxurious sedan offers. Starting with the trunk space - enough room for sports gear and a couple of suitcases for a weekend getaway.

Once again, Lone Star Mercedes-Benz has exceeded our expectations on service, giving us a thorough run through on every vehicle we test drive. The delivery specialist, Matt, went as far as giving me his personal cell phone, telling me to please contact him if we had any questions.

Knowing that the service at Lone Star Mercedes-Benz is amazing, it makes our decision to buy from Lone Star easier. I'm so happy we made the stop at Lone Star Mercedes-Benz to find the perfect vehicle for our family.

Visit Lone Star Mercedes-Benz at the corner of Deerfoot and Glenmore Tr.

Lone Star Mercedes-Benz E43 AMG
This is a paid endorsement.

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