BeatDrop Music DJ Producing Summer Camps

by Christina Rowsell

Now, I know I'm dating myself by saying this, but growing up we had a collection of 45's, 8 tracks and cassettes. However, when I got into radio in 1991 we were still using reel-to-reel. NOW that is dating back.

Today, music is distributed for the masses via the internet and digitally reconstructed. Playing in a band out of your garage isn't passé, but you don't need a garage anymore, just Garage Band. It may look complicated, but for my 10-year-old son, he seems to have obtained an interest in electronic house music. So, how was I - a mother who is NOT musically inclined - going to teach him that? Yes, I'm a radio host, but I'm not a musician. That's when I found BeatDrop! They offer classes and summer camps for kids as young as eight-years-old!

Mitch Lee is the owner of BeatDrop and explains what they offer, "BeatDrop is a music production and DJ school. We have courses, classes and workshops for people who are wanting to learn how to make music and DJ."

Hudson Smith DJ
I was interested in learning more about their summer camps after my son took an introduction class in Ableton Live. Summer camps are for kids ages 8-11 and 12-16. The summer camps are a "mash-up" of everything BeatDrop offers from producing music, how sounds are made and how to arrange sound and create music. Plus, there are fun scavenger hunts to record sounds which they include in their music. Additionally the kids learn how it all works on the computer. Then they get a chance to DJ. They take hit songs and songs they like and learn how to mix in between the two and mix from song to song in a seamless way. The kids will use turntables and vinyl and go "old school" and teach them the fundamentals of what a DJ actually does. They get a mix of producing music and DJ'ing throughout the summer camp.

Although my son was interested in the classes, I wondered if he needed to be musically inclined. My son didn't have any experience with music like playing the piano. Lee explains, "We start at ground zero. If they have an interest and a passion - we handle all the rest. We have all the equipment to get them started. They just need to bring headphones."

Have a listen to my conversation with Mitch Lee from BeatDrop HERE to learn more.

To learn more about their summer camps visit http://beatdrop.ca/summer-camp/.

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