Pet Nutrition Just As Important As People Nutrition

by Christina Rowsell

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When it comes to nutrition, it's a no-brainer to take care of yourself and your family. But, your pets are family too! A proper balance of nutrients will not only improve the longevity of your pet, but it'll keep them happier too! With the right food, your family friend will maintain muscle tone, have healthier teeth and - in the long run - be able to fight-off infection. You'll also see their energy restored. Plus, their skin and coats will be shiny and healthy.

Dr. Julie Schell form Bow Bottom Veterinary Hospital says in veterinarian medicine they include nutrition as medicine. Schell says, "There are so many wonderful, therapeutic diets that can fit the needs of your pets. There are also home cooked diets that your Veterinarian can dispense for you to make at home."

Schell continues to say that commercial products that are properly formulated to fit your pets needs are also wonderful. She says, "There's a lot of Veterinarian research that goes into making the food." Some meals can be catered to treat specific diseases.

I asked Schell how popular is it for people to cook for their pets? She replied, "It is gaining popularity! We find that it is more popular for people with smaller pets because it's much easier to prepare a batch of food that will last a week." However, for people that are really busy, and don't have time to prepare or cook Schell suggests using a Pet Chef. Schell says this is a great way to help your pet if they have specific needs and a specific diet.

Schell continues suggesting, "With a good, solid diet you can actually maintain your pets feces even better." A diet can be created where you can create more or less fiber, depending on your pet and his or her needs.

Listen to Christina Rowsell with Dr. Julie Schell here.

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