Johnny Gaudreau Donates per Goal to KidSport Calgary

by Christina Rowsell

Image Credit © Gerry Thomas

As a hockey mom, I know how expensive it is to give our children the opportunity to play hockey. Not only hockey, but any sport. Playing sports not only gives them the chance to learn the ins and outs of the game, but it's so important in make-up of who they'll become. From developing their physical strength to life long friends, the lessons of teamwork to improving their self-esteem.

Through KidSport™ Calgary - a local non-profit organization - families that thought they couldn't put their children in sports, now can.

For Calgary Flames star Johnny Gaudreau, he knows all too well that his parents worked hard to help him and his siblings play sports. His mom, Jane Gaudreau, wrote in a post on the Calgary Flames website that Johhny's brother Matt and him "played hockey all year round, soccer in the summer, basketball in the winter and baseball in the spring."

I had the chance to talk to Gaudreau about his life of sports and how appreciative he was that he had that opportunity to play. Gaudreau said, "When I was growing up I just remember how expensive it was to put me and my brother, both through hockey, soccer, baseball... you name it. Growing up I had such a great childhood. I had hockey friends, soccer friends, baseball friends... all these different kinds of friends and teammates. I still have a lot of friendships from those teams I played on. Just thinking back now how expensive it is for these families to go through this... it's difficult. I want kids to experience what I had when I was growing up to play sports, and have teammates and build some great friendships."

For the kids, it's the chance to play these sports and build friendships and team work. For the parents, it's a wonderful opportunity to shape them into the people they will become. Gaudreau explains, "I wouldn't be where I am today without, first, my family and second my sports. It's a big part of my life. Big part of my families life. The bonds and the friendships you build around sports is pretty special." He went on to say that no matter who you are, every kid deserves to have that opportunity.

You can listen to the interview with Johnny Gaudreau HERE.
To learn more about KidSport™ visit http://www.kidsportcalgary.ca.

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"I want kids to TO PLAY SPORTS!" @johngaudreau03 donates $1K per @NHLFlames season @KidSportCalgary. Interview here http://ow.ly/J1FQ30fHEFH


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