Celebrate with Anne Murray Canada 150

by Christina Rowsell

In conversation with Anne Murray and Christina Rowsell
Anne Murray completed her final public performance in Toronto in May 2008. She now spends most of her time with family and friends. Occasionally you'll find her swinging a club on the golf course. (Boasting a hole in one by the way.) Murray says, "I still play, whether I play badly or not." (I'm thinking she's probably pretty good!) She says there's a golf course a kilometre from her door called Northumberland Links in Nova Scotia. So...I'm thinking she polishes up now and then.

In my 20 (plus) years in radio, never did I ever think I'd have the opportunity to interview a Canadian icon such as Anne Murray. Growing up I'd listen to Anne on the radio with my family. Especially her amazing Christmas collections. Thank you Anne for taking the time to talk to me - as she explained that she doesn't do many interviews anymore.

Anne Murray has had a very successful music career. Some say she paved the way for other international Canadian artists such as K.D. Lang, CĂ©line Dion, Shania Twain, to name a few. Murray was the first Canadian solo singer to reach number one on the U.S. charts and also the first to earn a gold record for one of her signature songs, "Snowbird" from 1970. I asked her to tell me her thoughts on where she thinks Canadian music is headed. She explains, "I think it's great! I've heard some very talented people in the last couple of years." Murray continues to say, "I'm very impressed!"

For her Canada 150 celebration she's thrilled to be joined by her family and friends, but also a get together with her band. Although she doesn't perform in public anymore she still loves to reminisce about the music that makes her heart sing.

One song that really makes her smile is one of her own, "Song For the Mira" - first recorded on her album The Hottest Night of The Year 1982. Murray explains, "It's about a very special place in Nova Scotia, the Mira River. It's a place I've seen, and it's beautiful. It's a song everyone can relate to because everybody has a place he or she feels is very special to them." It's a place that's home. For Murray she says, "Nova Scotia will always be home. So when I hear that song it transports me back there."

Murray recalls performing that song during her last Canadian tour in the Maritimes and explains the euphoric feeling she had when the crowd sang along, "It's pretty amazing to hear 10,000 people singing the chorus. It's almost an anthem for them in the Maritimes and in Newfoundland. I would sing that song all over the world and people reacted the same way."

Besides her song "Song For The Mira" I asked her if there's any other song, from any other artist that touches her heart. Murray fondly remembers other Canadian artists that she loved to perform with, including Gordon Lightfoot, "I'm partial to Gordon Lightfoot songs. If You Could Read My Mind, Song for a Winter Night, Sundown - he's just a great writer."

Murray is also excited to share that she has a Greatest Hits package coming out this summer. It'll be released on Universal Records. Keep an eye on her website for the release date here http://www.annemurray.com.

Anne Murray, in gratitude for you taking the time to talk to me. Happy Canada 150 Anne Murray. Thank you for generations of music. To listen to the full interview click here.

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