Calgary's Drop In Centre Shares Virtual Reality of 1200 Roommates

by Christina Rowsell

If you take a moment to silence yourself and just listen to your surroundings, within your own walls, what do you hear?

Tickering of a laptop computer. Tapping of the dogs toes as he crosses the hardwood floor. The bells and dings of a cell phone alert and the silence of my home. That's what I hear mid afternoon.

1200 Roommates is a virtual reality (VR) experience that wants you to value each room. Value your space. Value your own noise. Because... you don't have that option with 1200 Roommates.

Christina Rowsell VR Experience
I had the privilege to attend an evening at the National Music Centre, downtown Calgary, to take in a VR experience that reminded me of what we take for granted each and every day. The goal of 1200 Roommates is to take you though the world of homelessness evoking empathy.

The Calgary Drop In Centre exists to alleviate poverty. They care for chronically homeless people through community support, resources and housing.

Listening to the spoken word of Talia Hume, through the artistic expression of Mandy Stobo in the Mammoth VR video, I felt her desperation for solace and silence. Something that you can't have when you're in a room with 1200 other people. Your own space and your own emotions. There's a quote that I took away from this, "Find yourself within your walls and then tomorrow go out and love someone."

Matt Wright, Founder Mammoth VR
Matt Wright, Founder Mammoth VR expressed his deep emotion for this piece, "My perspective of homelessness has changed while working on 1200 Roommates." He too says he now has more empathy when he looks at someone who is homeless.

While you can I can find some time to enjoy The Brighter Side, other's are still search for their little bit of sunshine. There are nearly 4,000 Calgarians experiencing homelessness and The Drop In Centre is there for those who need a safe place to stay.

You can watch the video here https://youtu.be/hvRV_eNfFfY.

However to experience it in 3D download the App here https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/1200-roommates/id1211878030?mt=8.

Mandy Stobo in Mammoth VR

Christina Rowsell and Talia Hume
Talia Hume and Mandy Stobo

Christina Rowsell

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