Good News, Great Ideas and Amazing People for 2017

by Christina Rowsell

Good news isn't always easy to find in the world today. I believe it's how you look at each and every situation. There's a saying that goes, "Life is 10% of what happens and 90% of how you react to it."

You've come to the right place to find good news. Here's some good news stories I found that you might like and...may just lift your spirit.

Good News Story -  i.am.heart 

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As a mother of two boys, I know that there is a sensitive side to them. There is hope for boys. There's a secret "boy code" that suggests that boys need to keep their emotions in-check. What does that mean? Every human being has feelings, vulnerable feels and feelings that need to be validated. 

i.am.heart is an organization that looking to break that code. They offer programs for teen and pre-teen boys that are focused on empathy, compassion and emotional awareness that promotes individual confidence, self-esteem and self-acceptance based on emotional empowerment.

Lance Drozda is the founder of i.am.heart. Since 2011, Drozda has been working with various non-profit organizations aligned to support the emotional growth and safety of children and adults. Along with Drozda is Rebecca Stares, a clinical social worker. Stares focuses on clinical interventions with children and families. Her goal is to help people increase their feelings of self-efficacy and self-esteem as they overcome their challenges and achieve their true potential. Stares currently has six therapy horses through Spirited Connections.

“The three most destructive words that every man receives when he’s a boy is when he’s told to 'be a man,'” —Joe Ehrmann

Learn more about i.am.heart at http://www.iamheart.ca/.

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Emotional Empowerment Workshop For Boys

Great Idea - Feng Shui

Myrna Brown is a Feng Shui consultant. I met up with Brown for a coffee and I walked away feeling that I needed to improve the flow of my home. Brown says, "I want to inspire people to live the life they were meant to live."

Feng Shui isn't new. Dating back some 3000 years ago, Feng Shui is a science that reads the energy of a space, incorporating the art of creating balance and harmony. This artistry was created to make it easier for us to succeed in life. 

Have you ever noticed how your are affected and influenced by the energy of our environment? We spend so much time in our homes and offices. These spaces deserve to be harmonious, and in turn gives us support in love, family, prosperity, travel, career and health.

Myrna Brown explains more in her blog. She also explains how Feng Shui can help in your love life!

Learn more about Feng Shui at http://www.myrnabrown.com/

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Amazing People - Bonnie Earl

Another coffee get together found me sitting with the lovely Bonnie Earl. I first met her at an EWomen Network Event where I was the guest speaker. She was soft spoken, but with a powerful message. 

Bonnie Earl is a women's empowerment coach, certified Art of Feminine Presence Teacher and an inspirational speaker. Earl empowers women to stand up, be seen and heard, and inspires change. 

But, where did her courage to speak up come from? Earl spent 35 years working as a teacher, counsellor and school principal. After the passing of her husband to ALS, Earl felt that she needed to have a life outside of work. Now, as a school principal, as well as a single mother and caring for her husband's elderly mom, plus doing her masters and building a women's wellness centre she was past the point of exhaustion. 

She took the courageous leap of faith to take early retirement. She knew she needed to follow her passion of empowering women to thrive. 

I felt an instant connection to Earl. She understands the pains women have trying to keep it ALL together in this ever-changing and challenging. I understand the pains and the pressure we face. It's real and we can't always do it all! 

Earl invites you to connect with your feminine power. Ask yourself this, "Are ready to move from a stressful, pressure-filled life to peace, ease and quality time?" Bonnie Earl teaches women how to develop their personal presence and increase their feminine energy so that they can walk into any room and be seen and heard in the way they want to be seen and heard. 

For more information visit http://bonnie-earl.com/. 

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For more good news, this is a GREAT source https://twitter.com/goodnews.

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