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I am a mom first. True! But does being a mom first mean I have to stop doing everything I ever did for myself? NO! If I don’t continue to do the things I love or the things I need to do, then I’m not me at all.

Before I was a mom, I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a friend and a radio announcer. Aside from the person I am to others like a wife and a sister, a huge part of my life has always been my career. And being a mom doesn’t mean I give up my dreams or my passion. Radio was a part of my life since I was 18 years old. Before I was in radio, I always knew I would do something that allowed me to share stories, to share music, to evoke emotion and to validate people by letting them know they were heard. You can still hear me on the radio on Soft Rock 97.7 on the weekends, but full time I'm helping business owners tell their stories through earned media at CR Media. I spent over 22 years being the voice, now I help others have a voice.

All of these life experiences, passions and dreams are what make me up to who I am today. And today, I am a mom first. A mom embodies courage, strength and love. By encompassing who I was before I was a mom – and showing my children the real me – allows me to be the best mom I know how. Don’t get me wrong, being a mom has presented challenges that I never anticipated. But, part of who I want to become as a mom is someone who allows those challenges to help me grow and help me learn. I never want that to stop and I want my children to see that.

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I love my children more than anything in this world and they have taught me patience and unconditional love. In return, I try to fill their hearts with the life lessons I’ve been presented with. I want my children to understand that everyone has a story. I want my children to understand compassion and kindness. I want my children to know what it means to work hard and achieve greatness.

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By identifying myself as a mom first, I can’t know who that mom is until I know who I am first. I never expected to give up everything and not do anything. As a mom first, I believe it’s my job to stay strong to who I’ve become.

Affirmation Designs - I'm A Mom First
From the first breath in the morning, I wake my children with a hug. Send them off to school with a full tummy and encouraging words. After school I pick them up and ask them about their day and talk about the good and the bad. We either head off to hockey practice or home for homework. Hockey usually gets the loudest cheers. When we can, we have dinner together as a family with conversations about our day. To wrap up our day, it’s off to bed with the last breath whispering I love you.

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I am a mom first. A mom who instills the importance of being real. A mom who works, a mom who has dreams and a mom who loves her children with every breath she takes. 


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