Eagle in the Owl's Nest by Marlana Williams

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If you're looking for a book over the holidays, I recommend Eagle in the Owl's Nest by Marlana Williams. The emotional opening took my breath away. The opening features a biography for Sanford Williams (Master Carver) that takes us through some of his powerful experiences that made him the remarkable artist he is today. Eagle in the Owl's Nest is based on Sanford's most popular pieces that are given characters and adventures. 

It's a hard book to put down because I'm anxious to find out what happens when a team of contrasting Mowachaht characters play a riveting final game of hide-the-bones – an ancient westcoast pastime called Lahal – against their bullying adversaries from tribe nearby.

That’s just one of the several, centuries-old stories that are joined together as a work of fiction when Marlana Williams introduces an eagle and owl as the primary characters, who become friends after the owl’s migration path sends her reeling to Nootka Island.

This book is so different from Marlana’s first novel, Doll of Dawson which was set in the gold rush era of the Klondike.  But I wasn’t disappointed.  Eagle in the Owl’s Nest has all of the elements of her familiar storytelling voice that I find charming. 

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Each chapter (or short-story, depending on how you approach the book) is based on her husband’s work as a master carver.  Sanford Williams has spent decades creating traditional west coast art, and all of the pieces tell a tale.  Whether the carvings are about his own personal experiences or stories passed down from his family, each work of art is represented at the forefront of each chapter.

I’ll confess, a few of the stories made me emotional, but for the most part this is a joyful read.  I recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of Marlana Williams’ writing, and for those who have interests in Western Canadian indigenous art.

You can download or purchase Eagle in the Owl's Nest HERE.
You can download or purchase Doll of Dawson HERE.
For more information on Marlana Williams visit http://www.marlanawilliams.com/

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