Former Speed Skater Talks about Life and Love Through Art - Todd Lachance


Landscapes & Figures at Michelangelo Gallery of Fine Art

Painting © Todd Lachance www.toddlachance.ca
It seems that life speeds past us faster and faster all the time. We blink and another week or another month has passed. It doesn’t help that our culture has developed an unhealthy relationship with its devices that are meant to keep us connected but in fact, they are a huge distraction, making us miss too many precious moments in real time, and in person.

Calgary artist, Todd Lachance, knows all about speeding through life, albeit as a former nationally-ranked long track speed skater. He made it as far as Olympic trials before his lifelong passion for art became his career focus. 

Painting © Todd Lachance www.toddlachance.ca
Lachance’s stunning paintings capture the essence and heart of moments in time, like precious snippets that once gone would never be witnessed again. Whether the striking Alberta landscape or the faces of his beloved children, Lachance’s art evokes a depth of emotion that mere words cannot express. A forgotten memory, perhaps bittersweet the innocence of childhood the very threads of life and love that touch all of us are masterfully and powerfully portrayed in every stroke of this gifted artist’s brush.

Lachance’s story-telling art will be exhibited at Michelangelo Fine Art Gallery for most of June. “I think a lot of our stories are told for us all the time now,” he offers somewhat wistfully, “whereas maybe a couple hundred years ago, people were looking at a Rembrandt. They didn’t have television or movies or cell phones. They didn’t even have photography. Now I think it’s a real challenge to try to grab that person’s attention and hold it, and make up a story in their head.”

During the exhibition, Lachance will tell part of the story of his relationship with his father. The two have always been close and on the afternoon of June 4, Lachance will paint his father’s portrait at the gallery where the public can enjoy witnessing the process as well as the love and the sense of humour that these two men share.

Barbara La Pointe, owner of the gallery, says, “Todd Lachance’s representational Realism revolutionizes Alberta landscape painting. He is a master at expanding basic compositional techniques and portraying the contemporary while timeless realities of the landscape in majestic Alberta.”

Timeless, indeed, not just in his magnificent landscape paintings but in capturing those precious moments in life that might otherwise slip past, unnoticed. 

Exhibition runs from June 2nd to June 30th, 2016 at Michelangelo Gallery of Fine Art, #112, 908 17 Avenue SW.

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