More Than A Roof Over by Yohan Ricardo Michelangelo Gallery of Fine Art


The famous artist, Edgar Degas, said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” This has never been more true than in the works of Yohan Ricardo, a Cuban artist who made Canada his home 15 years ago. Ricardo, a deep-thinking, philosophical and keenly observant man, finds profound meaning in virtually all aspects of life, and in particular, in architecture and his environment.

© Yohan Ricardo via Michelangelo Gallery of Fine Art
"The Truth of Greatness"
“I realized when I first arrived to Canada, I needed to find a new identity,” he offers. “I was no longer in my own country and homeland.” Wondering how he could incorporate both cultures that were powerful parts of his life, he used his lifelong love of architectural structure and elements to bring the two worlds together in his vibrant, colourful art.

At least as important to Ricardo is that his art is meaningful. “I want my work to be thought-provoking. I want to have a message in there...to capture that attention...I want a philosophy behind the piece.”

© Yohan Ricardo
via Michelangelo Gallery of Fine Art

"Tower of Hope"
Socially aware and deeply principled, Ricardo’s opinions and experiences are expressed in his art. Many of his pieces have taken years to produce as he works his magic, layering shapes and textures along with vivid colours that ultimately convey what was in his heart. 

About the bright colours in many of his pieces, Ricardo explains, “[It] lifts spirits. The colour represents my identity. [It presents] a strong point of view. I want to be original; my presentation has to be different.”

Ricardo knew from early childhood that he wanted to pursue art but his parents insisted that he must focus on traditional academics instead. It was years before he found his way to following his heart and his passion, ultimately finishing university in 1997 with a degree in Fine Arts and Pedagogical Sciences, and later teaching students with varied backgrounds and challenges.

When asked why he is so passionate about art, he explains, "To be able to create art is a gift from God...people can change society through art...”

© Yohan Ricardo via Michelangelo Gallery of Fine Art
"Portrait In Red"
Ricardo’s intricate and highly symbolic paintings make us see what he sees in society, culture, in life for all it is — and isn’t. Every image, indeed every brush stroke has significance and represents a message, a thought or an idea that Ricardo feels compelled to share, validating the words of Degas from so many years ago.

From April 29 to May 20, 2016, Michelangelo Fine Art is featuring the works of Yohan Ricardo in an exhibition entitled “More Than A Roof Over.” The artist will be in attendance at the opening reception, affording a perfect opportunity to learn about the complex and interesting man behind the thought-provoking art that he so loves — and needs —  to create.

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