Sanford Williams Master Carver

by Christina Rowsell
via www.sanfordwilliams.com

His heart as a boy was torn. Those he loved and trusted abused not only him, but his friends and loved ones. He found peace through his love of carving.

Sanford Williams is a master carver.

© www.sanfordwilliams.com

© www.sanfordwilliams.com
© www.sanfordwilliams.com 
© www.sanfordwilliams.com
His work is carved through heart, soul, passion and a place of healing. After enduring abuse from a residential school in the 70's, Williams chose carving instead of substance when it came to coping.

Ironically, the deep cuts in his carvings were what lead him to heal. For over 30 years Williams has perfected his art. The precision in these magnificent carvings is like no other. With no books or others to emulate, Williams learned how to create his craft knowing only the ways of his ancestors.

Watch this beautiful five minute video that describes the talent that has become Sanford Williams.  From the backwoods of Friendly Cove to suddenly finding attention from big city collectors — including the Vancouver Canucks. Williams has retained the charm and authenticity of being "the real deal" — a trait that so many people have come to love about his work and character.


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