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by Christina Rowsell

Welcome to the first audio show with Calgary's Child Magazine. Calgary's Child is the trusted source for news and information for families in and around Calgary.

I had the chance to talk to Patty Kilgallon chief executive officer with The Children's Cottage Society.  They are dedicated to preventing harm and neglect to children and to build strong families through support services.  We're at a time of year where we see families come together to celebrate the season, but it's not easy for everyone.  The Children's Cottage ensures that children in our community have strong foundations for healthy physical and emotional development.  I asked patty for some tips for families who want to make sure they're providing this for their children.  Patty takes us through a conversation that reminds us to ask for help.

Patty reminds us that today's families are doing their best for their children.  At this time of year it's a good reminder that everyone needs physical activity, nutrition and to do everything in moderation. Sometimes stress issues start to get to the point where parents become irritable and sometimes take it out on their children.  This is when we need to take a step back and reach out to support systems. The Children's Cottage is there for families who don't have that support in place.  Listen to the interview for some great reminders about reaching out for help. Visit http://childrenscottage.ab.ca/.

We also talked to Tammy Johnston. Tammy is a financial advisor and author of A Financial Foundations Story.  Tammy takes a holistic approach to working with their clients.  Tammy came up with the concept of Financial Foundations. Tammy focuses on educating her clients on how money works and how to ask questions.  The one question that she always gets is, "Do you have anything I can use to teach my children?"  Well – yes she does.  That is when Tammy came up with the concept of Financial Foundations.  

With the tough economy right now and Christmas around the corner, Tammy has some great tips on the interview on how to start the conversation with our children and letting them know that this Christmas might be different from last year.  For more information visit www.thefinancialguides.com

Plus, Ellen Percival, Publisher of Calgary's Child gives us some great tips on how to have the perfect picture with Santa.  Ellen reminds us that Santa's elves are trained professionals!  Visit www.calgaryschild.com

Join the conversation at https://soundcloud.com/user-276177695/calgaryschilddec-2015.

by Christina Rowsell ~
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