Stop Anxiety Now Before It Takes Over

by Christina Rowsell
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When: Oct 17 10-6pm (Registration 9:30 a.m.)
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$197 VIP - includes 30-day online meditation course, two books, four weekly live online training sessions and more.

Your beliefs are like the operating system running quietly in the background of your life, responsible for every thought you think and every choice you make. They create an average of 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day, and the anxious ones deliver toxic, potentially lethal messages to every cell in your body.

With the worrying rise in anxiety disorders causing an increase in physical health problems and taking a toll on personal and family life, a weekend workshop is being offered for women who are in desperate need of learning tools that can reduce or eliminate anxiety, helping them to be happier, healthier, and to encourage anxiety-reducing techniques and behaviours in their families.

Visit www.libertyforrest.com for more information. 

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Having ongoing anxious thoughts can be deadly. Of great concern is the fact that anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental illness of the 21st century. Our fast-paced, super-digital, antisocial lifestyle is causing increasing stress and anxiety in our culture, which can lead to a lengthy list of potentially life-threatening health problems such as weight gain, cardiovascular problems, increased blood pressure, suppressed immune system, heart disease, sleep disturbances, reproductive and growth problems, impaired cell regeneration - and so much more.

Award-winning author and life strategist Liberty Forrest knows all too well how anxiety can destroy life and health. Growing up in an extremely abusive, frightening environment, by the age of 9 she was experiencing terrifying panic attacks. Leaving home at 16, by her late teens she was a divorced single parent struggling with several anxiety disorders, such as OCD, agoraphobia, anorexia and an addiction.

Forrest says, “One of the steps to getting rid of these disorders was understanding that my thoughts were sending chemical messengers throughout my body in every moment. The anxious thoughts were causing some pretty serious physical health problems. Learning which thoughts were the culprits - and what I could do to change them - made a big difference.”

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Ultimately, Forrest discovered how to overcome the anxiety disorders, but not before they had taken a significant toll on her health. This included a debilitating heart problem when she was in her 30s. Having heard of people who cure themselves of cancer and other ailments, Forrest swore she would figure out how to be one of them. After much research and experimentation, she has dramatically improved her health and now helps others conquer their anxiety.

Award-Winning author and Huffington Post contributor, Liberty Forrest, has written several inspirational and motivational books covering a range of self-development, healing and empowering topics. Her compelling book, The Power and Simplicity of Self-Healing, based on her own remarkable story, has been changing lives and helping people find hope and healing in several countries around the world. Liberty's background is in social work and counselling, later adding hypnosis to her bag of tricks to further help her clients. For five years, she appeared approximately monthly on Sue Marchant's evening show on BBC Radio doing psychic phone-ins for listeners, and worked as a medium on stage connecting audience members with loved ones in spirit. Currently, she resides in Calgary, where she specializes in helping speakers and performers all over the world in conquering anxiety so they can be more confident on stage.

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liberty forrest is the Owner and Founder of Quantum Lightworkers and Healing, and the Quantum Lightworkers Healing Method.
She is also the author of several books. As well as writing for Huffington Post, her articles have appeared in numerous publications in many parts of the globe, including Canada, USA, London UK, South Africa, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and more. From 2011-2013 she had a weekly column in the Dubai branch of “Hello!” Magazine.
Visit liberty online at www.libertyforrest.com

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