Kids Can Save Money Too | Financial Learning For Children

by Tammy Johnston
The Financial Foundations

Well like it or not summer is coming to an end and the start of school is right around the corner.  To help kids get the education they need (and want) get your hands on the Financial Foundations Children’s Financial Books series to give kids a major boost in the real world.

Kids will learn about:
          How money works
          Goal setting
          Simple and effective budgeting
          Understanding the facts about credit
          How daily choices affect their lives
          Long term perspective and balance

The books are fully and beautifully illustrated which grab and keep kids’ attention.  While the target audience is 8 to 12 year olds, I have had kids as young as 3 read the books with their parents and start understanding the topics.  Teenagers have also been getting the books to supplement their CALM 20 course,  and adults have also purchased the books and given me rave reviews on the content and illustrations.  The have been given rave reviews by My Real Review and have received 5 Star reviews by Reader’s Favorite.  Tammy and the books have been featured on Trending on Shaw, CTV, Global, 630 CHED, News 660, and CBC The Home Stretch.  http://www.thefinancialguides.com/books/media/

As part of my commitment to supporting good works and charity, $10 from the set of every book is going to World Vision Canada to assist with their programs assisting kids around the globe.  The books are ready and available to be shipped as soon as the order is received:  http://www.thefinancialguides.com/books/buy/

Thank you so much for supporting kids in their learning, kids around the world via World Vision, and my dream of making the world a better and more educated place in some small way.  

“The Financial Guides” was founded by Tammy Johnston, a financial advisor who take a holistic approach to working with their clients. With over 22 years of experience in the financial services industry, Tammy focuses on first educating her clients on how money works and how to ask questions. Through many years of hearing students in the Financial Journeys class ask: “Where were you when I was a kid?” and “Do you have anything that I can use to teach my children?” Tammy came up with the concept of Financial Foundations. These books are fully illustrated, and intelligent while still at a kid’s level, and can be read by the kids alone or with their parents.

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