Mobile Counselling Service Guiding Teens In A Direction To Move Forward

by Christina Rowsell
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May 4 -10 is Canadian Mental Health Week.  This is an opportunity to understand the many forms that mental illnesses can take in both adults and children. Mental illness is still feared and misunderstood but the more we talk about it, the more we can understand.  

Canadian Certified Counseller, Amy Godderis, who works with youth and their families, says “Children feel a wide range of emotions.  We don’t always understand emotions including: anger, frustration, nervousness, fear, anxiety and happiness.  It is often the negative emotions that bring a person to counselling. My hope is that through the counselling process you will gain skills to be able to move beyond the negative and into positive emotions. I am here to listen without judging and will respect your thoughts and feelings.”

Godderis has a unique counselling service for youth and their families.  She sees clients in her mobile office, something that works well for her teenaged clients.  The majority of the youth with whom Godderis works are ordered under their probation conditions to attend counselling.  With this motorhome, Godderis is able to remove barriers during their sessions.  Godderis explains, “When I go to the youth it creates a safe atmosphere that is open and accepting.  It moves us away from the office environment where other clients come and go, keeping the session private and comfortable.”  

Godderis’ young clients don’t have to get their parents to drive them or hop on a bus for an hour to go to an appointment they really don’t want to attend in the first place. Godderis employs a variety of methods to get youth to open up to her including: animals, music, art, games, walk and talk, or just talk – all to avoid the typical methods of therapy that end up feeling intimidating for youth. 

Godderis is able to build effective releationships with youth and their families, giving them a direction to move forward from the comforts of her mobile office. By giving these youth an ear, validating their feelings and experiences, Godderis is able to help them deal with what their potential mental health issues could be. It all starts with a conversation.  

For mor information visit www.whateverworkscounselling.com.

by Christina Rowsell ~
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