Baby Sea Turtles Protection Program

by Christina Rowsell
in Puerto Vallarta Jalisco Mexico

©CR Photo - Sea Turtle Puerto Vallarta
Along the Banderas Bay and Vallarta Mexico, a very vulnerable leatherback turtle is nesting along the beaches in Nuevo Vallarta. These leatherback turtles are very rare and were on the edge of extinction.  But, thanks to the Puerto Vallarta Sea Turtles Protection Program, these turtles are well on their way to survival.  They still have a ways to go.

The Puerto Vallarta sea turtle conservation program now draws thousands of tourists to many different Mexican beach resorts on the Pacific coast. Many Puerto Vallarta hotels now actively participate in turtle conservation programs, where the hotel guests are welcome to participate. 

When you think about it, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Plus, what a fabulous opportunity to teach your children about these programs and how valuable these turtles are. 
©Christina Rowsell Photo 

Our guide told us that the turtles chances of survival are increasing the longer the programs run.  As these turtles were on the edge of being wiped out, they are now making a come back.  What a beautiful way to give back to mother nature.  

The baby sea turtles are released at sunset, as this is their best chance at survival.  It was a remarkable experience for our family.  A fantastic way for our children to learn and to do something good.  

On your next vacation, be sure to as about the Puerto Vallarta Sea Turtles Protection Program.  

©Christina Rowsell Photo

Find out more here http://www.puertovallarta.net/what_to_do/puerto-vallarta-sea-turtles-protection-program.php

by Christina Rowsell ~
© Christina Rowsell
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