Good People with Amazing Hearts

by liberty forrest

Several months ago, I was blessed to find a reliable vehicle with low mileage for a mere $500. It was the “spare car” of a friend of a friend and they were happy to help me out of a pretty tough situation.
Last week, my car wouldn’t start. There was going to be a three-hour wait for the "Repair Shop" so my dear daughter picked me up from where I’d been stranded and drove me home. The "Repair Shop" recommended a garage near my home and that’s where the car was taken.

It took a few days for them to look at the car, which needed only a minor battery connection tightened and it started just fine. I asked them to winterise it, do an oil change, check brakes and all that stuff that needs doing. That’s when it hit the fan.

I was informed that rust had eaten through the fuel line. Apparently, it was leaking petrol and should not be driven at all because it was so dangerous. I was told that rust had also eaten at the brakes; they were a mess and needed replacing – another danger. I was informed that rust had also created holes in the exhaust pipe and was leaking carbon monoxide into the car.

Then there was the timing belt – a major cost all by itself and without a new one, it would go at some point soon and trash the entire engine.

The bill for all of this was going to be around $3,000. In my current situation, this was almost more than I could bear.

I contemplated getting another car but was again faced with the same dilemma from several months ago; finding something reliable, with decent mileage and at a price I could afford. I was probably going to have to spend $3,000 anyway, and there would be no guarantee of finding an honest seller who would give me a car that wasn’t a lemon.

Enter Ryan Carson of RC Automotive Services, mobile diagnostics and repair right here in Calgary. A warm-hearted pleasant young man appeared, checked my car right here at my home, and gave me an estimate.

Yes, he said, the timing belt needs changing and ought to be done straight away. The fuel line was not really “leaking”, it was barely seeping and should be fine till summer. No, it is not dangerous.
The exhaust situation is more noisy than dangerous. Again, this can wait till summer. If I’m driving for any length of time, he suggested leaving a window open but was not concerned about any significant threat.

And as for the brakes, still good, no concern there at all.

He said to do the timing belt and leave the rest. He’d do an oil change and winterise for me, too, and thought the total would be around $1200. Still a big ouch but I wanted to cry with relief. Compared to $3,000 – well, there are no words.

Ryan offered to collect the car with the help of his girlfriend, Robin of RAD Printing. Another massive help to me! I left the key with him so they could sort it out at their convenience, and as it happened, they picked it up when I was out yesterday afternoon.

By 3.30 today, Ryan rang to say it was all done. They are even going to bring the car back to me!
And get this… The total was $971. Knowing I was expecting to pay at least $1200, he could have charged me the whole amount. And he could have tacked on a little extra and said he ran into some problems or the part cost more or it took him a little longer.

But he didn’t.

I fought tears as I thanked this lovely young man. He just said, “I like to help people.”
He will never know just how much his honesty, integrity and kindness have meant to me.
If you are in the Calgary area and need any work done on your vehicle, please, please, please contact RC Automotive Services and support this wonderful young man’s efforts to build his own business. That link is for his Facebook page – please ‘like’ him and share! If your vehicles are good for now, please take note of his phone number for your records – 403-990-8763.

© liberty forrest 2014
liberty forrest is the Owner and Founder of Quantum Lightworkers and Healing, and the Quantum Lightworkers Healing Method.
She is also the author of several books. As well as writing for Huffington Post, her articles have appeared in numerous publications in many parts of the globe, including Canada, USA, London UK, South Africa, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and more. From 2011-2013 she had a weekly column in the Dubai branch of “Hello!” Magazine.
Visit liberty online at www.libertyforrest.com

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