3 Tips On How To Be a BIG Thinker in Business

by Christina Rowsell
Brighter Business Empower Magazine

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You’re a small company just starting out, but you want to play in the same league as everyone else. You’ve heard people say “Think BIG!”  But how?  What does that mean? Thinking the “SAME” all the time will only see you coast.  It’s time to take your company to the next level, and the only way you’ll do that is if you start thinking outside of your comfort zone.

Before you start telling yourself, “I’m really just an ordinary person with ordinary ideas.”, there are some simple ways to THINK BIG.  Here are 3 Tips on How To Think BIG:

by Christina Rowsell

I CAN!  Do away with the idea that you can’t or don’t know how.  It’s a simple shift in perspective.  YES YOU CAN and YES YOU CAN LEARN.

Take Social Media for example.  You may feel like you’re a small fish in a big pond.  Large companies have big budgets and pay people to look after their social media posts all the time.  Being a small company, you don’t even know how to post a picture to your Facebook page yet alone use it for your business.   

Big thinkers will find out how to learn.

A great start in learning how to do anything is GOOGLE it.  Just type in “how to post to my business Facebook page."  A whole page of ‘HOW TO’s’ will pop up.  You’ll even get several video tutorials.  

But, this is the very first step in thinking big.  Once you get your head wrapped around the idea that you CAN DO ANYTHING… you will.  Your thinking will only get bigger and better.  YOU CAN BE A BIG THINKER!

MAKE TIME!  So now you’ve convinced yourself that you CAN, you now need to find the time.  BIG thinkers plan! They figure out HOW it will fit into their plans.  The more organized you can be with your ideas, the more productive you’ll be at implementing these new BIG ideas.    Schedule yourself one hour a week to work on your ideas.  Plan a staff meeting to go over BIG ideas or share your ideas with a friend or family member if you are a solo entrepreneur.  By sharing your ideas, you are actually turning those plans into a reality.  By creating an action plan, you are making the time to grow. 

USE YOUR STRENGTHS!  We are all born with strengths.  Big thinkers know exactly what their strengths are and where to fill in the gaps with their weaknesses.  Yes – we all have weaknesses! The sooner you identify what your strengths AND weaknesses are, the more productive you will be.  The more productive you are, the more organized your business will be.  The more organized your business is, the more time you will have to think BIG and grow

The point is, to be a BIG THINKER you have to believe that you can be just as good as or even better than the next guy.  It starts with you and how BIG you want to grow.  
Here are a few ways Brighter Business Empower took thinking to a new level.  When we started, we wrote our ideas on our restaurant napkin. The idea we wrote was “To Empower Individuals to Succeed in Business.”  We want to be the place small business owners come to learn BIG ideas.  

In the beginning we offered learning opportunities and networking gatherings at a local theatre.  We had experts present ideas that would help business owners grow.  The live seminars were great and filled with valuable information, however not everyone could attend.  We put our thinking caps on and said,  “Why don’t we put together a magazine?”   A magazine is a great way that business owners can still get the valuable information and read it on their own accord.  Plus, they can refer back to it if they needed the resources.  

Both my business partner and I said, “Ok… how do we do that?”  We found an online webinar that guided us through the “how to" on doing an online magazine.  From there my business partner said…. “Okay, who’s going to design it?”  I looked at her and said, “I will!”  Now, of course,  I did not have a clue on how to design anything.  BUT we didn’t let that stop us.  I took some courses in In Design and away we went.  We did okay.  Our first issue was a success!  Readers loved it and it brought more business owners to our community of learning.  

If you limit your thinking in the first place you won’t grow.  And if you can’t grow you won’t get BIG.  The point is, BIG thinkers never think they can’t or don’t know how.  Big thinkers are always wondering HOW they can do that.  YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!  Try it and see what BIG ideas you come up with.  Then make the time to implement them.  You’ll be surprised at the strengths you’ll find!  Welcome to the BIG THINKERS CLUB!

by Christina Rowsell ~
© Christina Rowsell
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