The Power of Simplicity of Self-Healing by Liberty Forrest

by Christina Rowsell
The Brighter Side
via Liberty Forrest

©Liberty Forrest
What if I told you that YOU have the power to make yourself better?  Would you believe me?  If you are ready to heal and move forward, then pick up a copy of "The Power and Simplicity of Self-Healing" by Liberty Forrest.

I too am always looking to find ways to heal within.  We all have those "life moments" that make us who we are today.  But some of those "life moments" aren't always pleasant.  Those are the ones that make us stronger.

"For thousands of years, we have turned to medicine men, healers of all kinds through out the ages, unaware that each of us possesses the power to create - and to heal - our illnesses" suggests Forrest.

It's a read that revolutionizes the way we look at illness and healing.  In this book, Liberty Forrest helps you put the puzzle together, in the end revealing a simple canvas that will provide you with the tools to heal ourselves of ailments and illnesses.

Through her own escapades growing up dealing with an abusive and alcoholic environment, Liberty began having terrifying panic attacks as a young child.  By the time she reached adulthood, there were also issues with addiction, OCD and anorexia.

At the age of 20, Liberty's physical health was beginning to decline.  Years later, vowing to find a way to heal herself, believing that if other people have done it, then she could to it too.  AND SO CAN YOU!

We're all looking to find The Brighter Side of life, why not start HERE!

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About Liberty Forrest

©Liberty Forrest
Liberty has a background in social work and hypnosis, as well as being a Reiki Master and meditation facilitator, her personal and professional experiences have allowed her to help others transform their lives.

Like so many others, she grew up in the toxic environment of abuse and alcoholism.  In spite of this, she was determined to find health, happiness and most importantly, peace.  For more information on Liberty and more books visit www.libertyforrest.com.

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