Biggest Marketing Mistakes with Marc Binkley

by Christina Rowsell
via Brighter Business Empower

When it comes to running a business, you are often the one who does it all. You're the front line employee, you do all the accounting, the promoting and the marketing.  It's tough to do it all, but now there's a GREAT place where you can get some helpful hints on how to run your business, while running your business.  
Brighter Business Empower is the place business owners learn BIG ideas.  And every Tuesday, BBE presents "Work ON Your Business Radio".  Here's some great ideas on Marketing with Marc Binkley from www.sleepingbarber.com.  Have a listen and see if there's some tips to get you and your business on a path to success.  
The biggest mistake you can make with content marketing is to assume that the reader cares about your content. She doesn’t. But, she does care a lot about useful information that helps her solve her problems and needs. 
Marc Binkley will give you tips to make your content more useful and gain more attention.  
Marc is the founder of Sleeping Barber.  He helps organize companies, like yours, to beat the competition by teaching you how to adapt to the modern media world and learning from your digitally networked customers.  Check out more ideas from Marc on his blog www.sleepingbarber.com.

You can also read his article in the FREE Brighter Business Empower Magazine HERE.  Have a listen HERE to Marc.

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