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by Christina Rowsell
via Green Calgary Patricia Cameron

Canadian environmental icon, Dr. David Suzuki is donating his time to help local environmental charity Green Calgary celebrate Earth Day 2014.


The Earth Day Event, Wednesday, April 23, will be held at the Red and White Club and includes a presentation by Dr. Suzuki, screening of Professor Ian Mauro’s film “Climate Change in Atlantic Canada,” and a panel Q&A  session with Suzuki, Mauro, and local representatives:  Dr. Joe Vipond, (an emergency room doctor and  member of Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment), and executive director of Green Calgary, Patricia Cameron.

"It's exciting to partner with Green Calgary on this event” says Mauro, “Climate change is the paramount issue of our time; it's happening now all over the country and globe, and Calgarians know this better than most after last year's flood. Both Dr. Suzuki and myself look forward to engaging citizens in discussion regarding the impacts, opportunities and leadership required to navigate our collective future".

Cameron says “Dr. Suzuki and Dr. Mauro are making an incredible contribution at a time when the work of Green Calgary is more important than ever.  This spring we are again seeing flooding impacting Calgary families and businesses and the insurance industry tracking and research indicates extreme weather events are increasing. Calgarians need to be prepared.”

To address storm water issues, Green Calgary will be launching its RAIN home visit program at the April 23 Earth Day event. “A certified RAIN Consultant assists home owners to identify their home’s storm water management and flood risk issues, and develop a plan to address these.

RAIN’s key messages are ‘Slow it down; Soak it up; Keep it clean.’ Calgarians are eager to take action and be part of the solution.  The RAIN program is a great way to do both.”

To make the program widely available, Green Calgary is offering the first 100 RAIN home visits free of charge.  Intact Canada is a major funder of the RAIN program.

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